Gore: Ultimate Soldier Review

Gore: Ultimate Soldier

About 2 weeks ago, I participated in Gore’s multi-player tests. It had multi-player support with plenty of modes. Besides, I can’t say I wasn’t thrilled when I heard that it was in a very solid single-player mode. Actually, I was just thinking of the game as a multi-player, but the producers secretly worked in the single-player and it really came out of a very nice Fps.

Gore is a little “scarce”as a subject. Already recently fps’lardede subject is not very sought. If we go through a small summary, we work at a company called UMC. The main substances on the planet we are on, such as food, fuel, will run out in 20 years. The people who hear this, of course, rise up and start to join the streets (babababa!). Of course, since we are a security guard, we need to get our hands on it. Here’s the issue, something like that. I said it was ” scarce.”

Gore Slam uses the AMP graphics engine made by Sofrware. I really like this engine(!). Although it is very colorful, fluid and realistic, there are no contractions. Of course, there are sides that are missing. For example, water effects look very beautiful, but when you enter it, there is no action. Besides, when you look down, your feet appear. But for some reason, you can’t hit your feet. The environments are very realistic. The company officially exploited the graphics engine and created great environments. Character modeling is also great. But it would be nice if they made a little more variety. It’s boring to see the same types as you go. Of course, so much attention has been paid to the sounds next to the image. They sound good, and I think they passed the class.

Now for the guns. The most crucial point of an FPS is, of course, weapons. The producers of the game must know that they made boxes of weapons for Gore. There are exactly 10 beautiful weapons in the game. Shotgun to Riotgun, Assassin Sniper to Flamethrower, we have all the killer weapons. It’s a good thing there are so many types of weapons. Besides these, C4 and grenades are not forgotten, of course.

Let’s move on to Single-Player mode. As I said, Gore, which is a little “scarce” as a subject, is actually a game that you will play with a lot of pleasure alone. But because of the enemies set as a script, the same part does not come from within the person to play 2-3 times. It’s a little boring that enemies come from the same places all the time. Of course, Buddha means that those who finish the game will never play again. But because the producers think about it, osla has created great Multi-Player modes. There are 6 modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Tactical – Extermination, Tactical – Assault, Tactical – Escape / Infiltration. The first 3 are things we all know, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy the modes after that.

Final Words:

Gore was expected to be more of a Multi-Player game, but the game proved itself as a Single-Player. Both graphics and sounds are good. Besides, it’s beautiful in weapons and variety. A little more variety can be made in character models. Also, it would be better if they didn’t edit the enemies as scripts. AMP Graphics Engine, I think will be used in future games. Gore is a little ahead of other fps games that have come out recently. Of course, he has flaws, but I think I’d say take it and try it. You won’t regret it.

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