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Google Fonts is a catalog of over 1,000 free licensed font families and, most recently, icons. New additions to that library have now made their way into Google Docs and Slides.

Google Docs and Slides now has 60 new fonts to choose from. You have to first add them to your palette by opening the fonts dropdown menu and selecting “More fonts.” This opens a panel where you can quickly search for fonts, while three filters are also available. To add to “My fonts” at the right, simply tap on them in the main list. 

The latest additions are as follows:

New Tegomin Potta One Commissioner
Train One Imbue Sansita Swashed
Lexend Hachi Maru Pop Piazzolla
Kiwi Maru Fraunces Grandstander
Dela Gothic One Bodoni Moda Kufam
Akaya Telivigala Andika New Basic Syne
Stick Langar Kumbh Sans
Shippori Mincho B1 JetBrains Mono Recursive
Shippori Mincho Texturina Red Rose
RocknRoll One Nerko One Varta
Oi Castoro Sora
DotGothic16 Xanh Mono Rowdies
Akaya Kanadaka Goldman Mulish
Newsreader Big Shoulders Stencil Text Epilogue
Truculenta Big Shoulders Stencil Display Grenze Gotisch
Reggae One Big Shoulders Inline Text MuseoModerno
Brygada 1918 Big Shoulders Inline Display Balsamiq Sans
Ballet Trispace Jost
Benne Syne Tactile Manrope
Yusei Magic Syne Mono Comic Neue

One highlight is JetBrains Mono, a “typeface made for the specific needs of developers,” from the makers of Kotlin. There’s also Oi, DotGothic 16, and Comic Neue. These new fonts are already live in Google Docs and Slides, with some particularly ideal for presentations.

new Google Docs fonts

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