God Of War: Chains of Olympus Review

God Of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War has been etched into our memories as one of the most important action games in Playstation history. The second of the series that followed was a breakthrough in the sequel games, which managed to distract us for so long that it made him the best action game ever, whether he wanted to or not. When it was announced that a game was being developed for the PSP called God of War: Chains of Olympus, we were all thrilled. The expected day has come, and let’s see if Kratos, the God of gods, can come up with a production that will continue his glory.

I don’t know if any of you have never played God of War before, but if you haven’t, you can take this game with peace of mind and play it. This is because God of War: Chains of Olympus describes an era before the other two games in the series. So there’s no connection between the subjects. The scenario is briefly as follows: Kratos, that is, we are saved by Ares, and we must pay our debt to Ares on the land of Olympus. Chains of Olympus begins in Attica, and first we have to help the Persian (modern-day Iran) soldiers. In this part, it is up to us whether or not to help the Persian soldiers, because we constantly boil the Persian soldiers while we kill the enemy soldiers. No one ever claimed that we were a good God, did they?

Making Kratos

The game is very simple and comes with a menu that we are familiar with from the old ones of the series. With New Game, you can start a new game, continue with the one registered with Load Game, and make various adjustments with the Options Option. At the bottom of the menu, we have another option called Treasures. With this option, you can play 5 different small games after finishing Chains of Olympus. These games, on the other hand, are fun, such as killing 200 soldiers using various spells, and will distract you in a short time. In addition, in this section, you can see bonus clothes that open after the construction is finished. It is also possible to access character drawings and intermediate decoys within the game. Once you’ve finished, there’s “God Mode” that opens, which I definitely recommend you try. It’s a level of difficulty that will give you a lot of nerve.

We choose New game and we encounter 3 difficulty levels in the game. My advice is not to play the game by choosing the easiest one. It’s easy, and it can kill the pleasure you get. I think after starting and finishing with normal, try to finish the other two difficulty levels respectively and get the maximum pleasure from the game. Chains of Olympus starts after a very short demo and welcomes us with such beautiful graphics that I claim you have never seen anything like this on your PSP before. The production is certainly not a PS2 adaptation. The graphics engine used is the same as God of War 2, but we have a brand new game with everything. He may be using the power of the PSP to the fullest, but even in the most intense moments in the game, we certainly don’t experience the slightest loss of performance. That’s one of the most important pros. When you start, look around, and at that moment you will feel in the middle of a mythological war. There are arrows constantly flying around you, flaming stones fired by catapults, soldiers fighting each other and huge creatures, and they look so beautiful that you won’t be able to stop and watch as you get the opportunity in the game. If you’ve noticed, I say as much as I can, because there is never-ending action and you are constantly in a state of war. Apart from the battles, small puzzles are waiting for you, but don’t look at what I call puzzles. It’s all about carrying bodies and putting them on stones or projecting lights with your shield.

I also want to draw attention to the fights with the bosses. Some of them will push you so hard that the more you are really ambitious, the more ambitious you will be. I don’t know how Ready At Dawn did it, but even when you lose Boss battles, you don’t get tired of the game. If you already die 4-5 times in a row, the game will tell you ” shall I lower the difficulty level? “he asks a question. My advice is to continue without dropping it. Every war has its own tactics, I think you just need to know that. One point that caught our attention is definitely a more comfortable control system than the other two games in the series. As you know, the PSP also lacks R2 and L2 keys and an Analog stick. Ready at Dawn has managed to feed the gameplay and control system to the PSP in a great way, not worrying about it at all. With a very fluid control system, you can easily make combos and achieve sudden movements smoothly. But here comes the most important known problem with the PSP, which is the problem of ergonomics. The game has a gameplay time of approximately 7-8 hours, and during this time you may feel the need to take a deception often, because your fingers will get cramps. The main reason for this may be that the production has enslaved you and you can’t leave you for hours. As I finished the game, putting aside the PSP, I realized that my fingers really took the shape of the console and I couldn’t move. Of course, this game is not a minus of the console, and there is no point in costing me the build.

Combos, blocks, everything works exactly as it should. I’d like to congratulate the Ready At Dawn employees and kiss them on the forehead. Who else gives me the opportunity to do a combo with my blades 30-40 strokes by grabbing my opponent in the air, which I lift into the air with a fist, and then lifting him back into the air without falling to the ground, and he does it with such a beautiful control system? I’ve really done that and it’s possible to be a lot more creative. Because the game’s combo system is also great.

No head, no eyes!

In the game, you will use two weapons and 3 types of spells. Our weapons are Blades of Chaos and gauntlet of Zeus. Blades of Chaos is already Kratos ‘ standard weapon, but Gauntlet of Zeus is a weapon that was not in previous games. Already this weapon Game 5 or 6. you can only put it in your hands on your watch, and you don’t want to let it go as soon as you do. Because he’s very strong, and he can hit with a field effect, so it makes your job very easy. Your spells are the Efreet, light of Dawn, and Charon’s Wrath. Where you are a giant flame punch The Efreet, the light of the Dawn that you will use as it uses more arrows the enemy while still a ball of light sersemletip and Charon’s wrath, 9-10 times in a row hitting that sustains your combo meter and very high damage and magic. Spells can be enhanced up to 3 times, while your weapons are 4. and 5. it can be raised to levels. As you kill your enemies or open boxes, you need to accumulate red light beams that come out of them. As it accumulates, you can enter the menu by pressing the start Key of your PSP in the game and raise your weapon or spells by holding down the “ X “ key. You collect not only red, but also blue and green light balls around you, and they come back to you as mana to Yesil and magic.

Speaking of health, be sure to go wherever you can in the game, because one of the two objects named Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers can come out of some chests. When you collect five of these objects, Gorgon Eyes extends your health bar and makes your health full. Phoenix Feathers raises your magic energy bar. You definitely need to collect it, especially at higher-than-normal difficulty levels, you need it a lot.

The only thing I can show as a minus aspect of Chains of Olympus is that it has a shorter gameplay time than other games. So far, when I was playing on PSP, there were no games that I thought would upset me because it was over. But when God of War ended, I really said, “I wish it hadn’t ended.” God of War: Chains of Olympus stands before us in all its glory, with its magnificent graphics, its subject matter that connects a person to it, and its never-ending sense of action. Ready at Dawn stunned us by showing us what it means to know a console when preparing a game. Well, now it’s up to us to hurt our fingers for hours and help Kratos in this strange battle.

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