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god of war 3

God Of War 3 – Not much, a few months ago, when I was performing my patriotic duty, I was crying, “whose Ah I got and I fell into this state,” and I considered myself the unluckiest person in the world. Our ancestors, who signed distinguished proverbs such as” day becomes devran returns “and” what is Born Before Dawn”, were indeed right. After just a few months of swimming in such distress, my life standard not only turned 180 degrees, but became inedible. I would say that this week is the peak of the events that make me so happy. I’ve been waiting for years for two games to get into my hands so I can test them before they can be released. First Final Fantasy XIII, now God of War III…

I can’t beat my excitement even when I say your name. We’ve been waiting anxiously since the PlayStation 3 was released. After about 3 years of construction, our level of excitement increased so much with in-game videos released shortly before its release that whatever we look at, whatever we talk about, eventually the topic came to God of War III. We’ve already set all our plans according to the day the game comes out, setting two timeframes before and after Gowiii. Of course things didn’t go as planned at all. As soon as I saw the name on the box that Murat Oktay stretched out from the side of my monitor, saying, “it’s not a very important game, but maybe it’ll attract your attention,” when it was a week away from its release, I felt lightning strike in my brain. I grabbed Blu-ray between the eyes and the eye and ran to the head of PlayStation 3 at a speed that would make Flash Gordon bite his finger, make Usain Bolt collect horseshoes. After years of waiting, Kratos, in all his glory, was before me, and there were gods to be reckoned with…

It was our natural right to expect the next episode of God of War to have great visuals and finger-biting videos, as in previous games in the series. Especially since the platform it was prepared for is a console with a high potential such as the PlayStation 3, our expectations have increased to the highest level. “So did God of War III meet our expectations?” if we ask, our answer is ” absolutely yes!” you can be sure that it will happen.

God Of War 3 – At the foot of Olympus…

God of War, based on Greek mythology and telling the story of a soldier who defies the gods, meets us with a pathetic scenario full of intrigue. For those who have not played previous games, let’s make a quick reminder. Kratos and I first met at the top of Olympus when he was about to jump off a cliff. In the first game, we learned what Kratos had been through, who regretted what he had done and believed that the only way to save him was to commit suicide, because he believed that the gods had turned their backs on him. Kratos, a successful Spartan warrior, has no general he has not killed, no army he has not shed his blood. This ambition to fight attracts the attention of even the gods, and especially Ares, The God of war, takes time to put Kratos under his command. It won’t take long for what Ares expects to happen. Because Kratos is on the verge of defeat in front of his ruthless barbarian armies. Screaming at Ares, Kratos asks him for help in defeating the Barbarians. And in return, he offers to devote his life to him. Ares, who is already waiting for an order to take it under his command, does not refuse this request and heralds Kratos ‘ victory. Seduced by Ares, The God of War, Kratos ‘ veins are filled with an ambition to fight. He puts the sword in front of him and unknowingly takes the life of his wife and daughter. Although he regrets it, his family’s Ashes leave a mark on Kratos ‘ body that will not come out for life. Our hero Kratos is now cursed and turned into the color of the dead.

Kratos sees the god Ares as the only one responsible for killing his family, and does everything he can to kill him. Although it seems impossible to kill a God, in order to achieve this, he sets out to search for Pandora’s box, known as the infinite power source. After countless adventures, Kratos, who opens Pandora’s box and overthrows Ares with his power, gains superior powers. Kratos, strong enough to destroy the Gods, is stopped by Athena and listens to a sermon about the forgiveness of the gods. Kratos, who collaborates with Athena, is freed from all his nightmares and given the position of God of war.

At the end of the first game, Kratos, who sits on the throne as the God of war, does not listen much to the ultimatums of the gods. After that, Zeus takes over the event and captures all the powers of Kratos and imprisons him in the Blade of Olympus. Zeus uses this sword to kill the Titans, who are also the creator of the gods. Returning from the dead, Kratos, along with Mother Nature’s Titan Gaia, sets out to save the Titans from Zeus ‘ attack. The only move Kratos can make is to go back in time and change what happened. For this, he must find the Sisters of Fate, The Sisters of fate. After countless battles, glorious boss battles, Kratos achieves his goal and changes the flow of time. Now he has only one goal left: to kill Zeus. He fails to do so on his first attempt, and Athena also sacrifices her life to save him. Falling down Olympus, Kratos, along with Gaia and other titans who have the same purpose, begins to climb Mount Olympus once again to destroy Zeus in his own home. As we watch this great attack and our adrenaline levels hit the ceiling, we are shocked by the inscription “The End Begins” and put God of War III on hold…

After the Great wait

After almost 3 years of waiting, our story begins at the exact spot where he left off, focusing on Kratos, who climbed Mount Olympus on Gaia’s back. Things escalate when Zeus and the other gods residing in Olympus act to stop the Titans. As a mortal who is likely to shoot at any moment between the Titans and the gods, we strive to survive in the chaotic environment we are in. From the first video, it is possible to understand how magnificent scenes the game has. He recalls checking out the first creatures offered to a warrior like Kratos as a cookie, and after a few battles, we encounter mini-bosses. At first, there are changing planes that catch our eye. You know, because we’re on Gaia, the plane we’re stepping on is constantly in motion, and because we’re affected by gravity, the way we fight is bound to change. On the other hand, the camera suddenly moves away and zooms in again and slows down at important points, adding cinematic air to the fight scenes.

I don’t want to give too much information about the script, so I want to go into gameplay without going into too much detail. Our hero, Kratos, who was once elevated to godhood, regains the powers he lost along the way and manages to become as powerful as the gods again towards the end of the game. And to do that, every enemy he encounters must take his weapon. Each new weapon means new moves and new types of attacks. Although we have limited combo techniques at the beginning of the adventure, over time they diversify and we become a complete killing machine.

Don’t fix it if it works

It is a fact that the producers have already planned to add only a few innovations without touching the highly acclaimed game structure and introduce us to the new episode with revised visual effects. So we continue to practice exactly what we are used to in the first two games. The red orbs that we accumulate by defeating our enemies or collecting them from the chests that we will find around us are our greatest help in the game. Thanks to these orbs, we are gaining new hitting techniques, increasing the power of our weapons. Green orb, which rarely comes out, renew our health score, while blue orb and increase our mana yesilmeyiz.

As always, we have two different attack techniques, normal and strong. We make combo hits by pressing the keys in a row or by catching the right combination with the direction keys. In order to make new combo hits, we need to switch to the weapon development screen and spend it on our red orbs. With the new weapons that we will get over time, we get different hitting techniques, and we also make the transition between the weapons using the direction keys. In this way, we can pass weapons without difficulty when we are in a mobile battle, determine the way we fight according to the variety of enemies.

Surprise weapons

The famous chaos Swords of Kratos are being replaced this time by Blades of Exile. Although its appearance and use are exactly the same, we can do more damage to our enemies on Olympus thanks to this weapon. I can’t say other weapons to avoid the excitement, but after the bosses we beat, we usually get new weapons and use the new weapon from that point in the adventure. Of course, since we do not make the power improvements of the weapon we have just acquired, our previous weapon makes stronger shots. So we must gather more orbs and increase the power of our new weapons.

The ones we use most often in fights are jumps that provide protection and sudden escape from right to left. In addition, we also have special powers that vary depending on the weapon we use. If we have enough sense, we can activate these forces as soon as we are forced and easily defeat the enemies around us. Later in the adventure, we go into anger mode, which we get, and use the Sword of Olympus to briefly sword enemies. Thanks to a newly added feature, we can grab the enemies we have knocked down and hit the wall, and brutally take their lives. If we want, we can throw the enemies we have captured at our other opponents. Some of our competitors are moving in the air or underground. We have to draw them to ourselves using our special shot and beat them up like that.

The importance of timing is great

As before, the producers have installed the combat system in the game, which is based on pressing the right button at the right time. After doing enough damage to our enemy, we switch to this special mode with the icon we see on his head. Thanks to this mode, which is more important in Boss battles, we do not lose sight of Kratos ‘ moves while testing our reflexes. If we press the keys shown on the screen at the right time, we harm our enemy, but if we make a mistake, we have to beat the enemy again until he knocks them out. Fortunately, the keys that we need to press appear on the screen on the right-left or up-down parts of the screen, such as on the gamepad, so that we can react as soon as we see them.

As we’re used to from God of War games, the episodes go in two ways. First we defeat the enemies and clean up the environment, and then we solve the puzzle of the episode in which we are located. At the beginning of our adventure, although extremely simple puzzles stand out for those familiar with the game, we encounter suggestive and creative puzzles at the following points. Speaking of puzzles, I definitely have a puzzle to mention. It’s also Guitar Hero Mode! I know it doesn’t sound very convincing, but Kratos talks about his musical skill later in the adventure and solves a musical puzzle by pressing notes that flow from left to right at the right time. Just as in Guitar Hero and its derivative games, we strive to play a song by pressing the right keys at the right time, which surprised us. It’s interesting that in such an action-packed game, a puzzle that has nothing to do with the genre must definitely be solved. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that this is where I have the most difficulty. In addition to the puzzles, it is necessary to mention the objects we obtained later and the yellow chests we found. In order to increase the capacity of our health and mana bars, we need to find these chests. And for that, we need to examine the remote corners of the map.

A close relationship with Aphrodite, which is one of the Mini-games (!) no one knows the part anymore. Because it’s a Gow classic, we all took it naturally. A newly added mini-game takes place during the transitions between the earth face and the underworld of Kratos, which flies and flies. Here we switch to a different control system and try to get to the end point without hitting the obstacles we face. The scene is very impressive and admires the viewer, but since it does not fit into the overall structure of the game, you are also waiting for it to end as soon as possible.

God Of War 3 – Living maps

God of War III certainly deserves applause. As a significant part of the story passes over the Titans, all the rules of gameplay are turned upside down. As you defeat the enemies you encounter, we also have to keep up with the change of the plane on which you step. If you want to describe the Titan-themed episodes, they managed to place a map the same size as any episode in previous God of war games on Kronos ‘ arm. Imagine, as we fight on the Titan’s shoulder, the camera goes away, and after showing the Titan climbing Mount Olympus and letting us know about the surroundings, we are back on the battle screen. On the other hand, when we fight on a Titan, we even get through his mouth, reach his heart, climb into his esophagus.

GoWIII, which runs on 720p as standard, gives very impressive results in character modeling. It is not overlooked that the backgrounds remain in low resolution or are 2D, but the maps are so large that you need to turn a blind eye to such details. Let’s just say, a graphics engine has been prepared so that the producers come close enough to get into Kratos ‘ eye and suddenly walk away, there is no slowdown or loading when Kratos goes to the distance where he remains too small to be seen. If you have already collected it, the entire game is only encountered a few times. Everything, including videos showing you moving from one map to another, is crafted with an in-game graphics engine.

Even in the slightest movement we make, we are filled with visual effects. Drops of blood scattered around, combined with the effects of our weapons, visually reflect a complete feast on the screens. Because each weapon has a different color effect, we also change the color theme of the entire screen by changing the weapon, especially in sections with a dark theme. On the other hand, our hero Kratos gets his share of the blood spattered every time he hits his enemies, and over time his face becomes unrecognizable from the blood.

God Of War 3 – Those with hematophobia out!

One of the most important issues that needs to be mentioned visually is boss battles and finishing hits. It’s a fact that Gowii is definitely one of the bloodiest games ever. Producers have never hesitated to project scenes of brutality onto the screen. Not only can we kill all the bosses with wild scenes, but we can also feel the ambition and hatred on Kratos ‘ face by pressing the keys at the right time or hanging the same key in series. Even I am concerned when I write here, but when playing GoWIII, actions such as decapitating, removing eyes, decapitating, disemboweling, or stabbing a knife in the throat are extremely natural. In short, this play appeals only to adults and contains scenes that can be removed by those who are not affected by blood. It’s so impressive, so majestic, but so ferocious…

Play GoWIII and not be ambitious and say, “Heyyytt hüleyynnn!”it’s impossible not to yell and want to ruin everything. I’ve never seen a game that gives so much gas in my life. One of the reasons for this is music that never drops in tempo and manages to give a person a deep gas very well. Every music we listen to resembles motion pictures, and the enthusiasm of controlling Kratos also makes us feel like heroes.

I know I’ve been taking too long, but believe me, I feel like telling you. God of War III is a very impressive, very successful game, just as we expected. Although the scenes full of blood and brutality are exaggerated, everything is presented in a way that those who have played previous games will also predict. That’s what we expected from this game. I managed to finish the game in 9.5 hours without a break (I’m sure Mahmut, who is currently busy making his full solution, will not do his best to finish it in less time) decisively. After we finish, Challenges, which allows us to do arena battles, Chaos Mode, the most difficult game mode, behind-the-scenes videos and new costumes are opened. If we successfully complete Arena battles, we open a section called Combat Arena. God of War III, which PlayStation 3 owners should definitely get, has finger-biting features for those who don’t have this console. Personally, I found everything I expected from this game, and I can say that I liked it very much. God of War III, which has many features that will interest you even if you are not a fan of the genre, more than deserves to be among the best games of the era.

Note: I know a duty to send my thanks to Soner, who helped me solve the puzzles I was stuck with, to Ozgur, who wholeheartedly supported and motivated me, even though he could not pass on his own in the music puzzle. They couldn’t see it, but because I prefer to stay in the office and play until the last scene, I hold the title of being the only person who knows the end of God of War III. A fantastic final battle and a rather surprising final immediately followed are waiting for the players. Let me tell you…



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