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god of war 2

The PlayStation 3 has just entered markets in Europe and is in the middle of the next-generation console war. But unlike the x360, on the PlayStation front, the veteran PS2 doesn’t seem to be intent on handing over the flag just yet. One of the most important evidence of this is that he recently met his lovers: God of War II. About three years ago, the first game made by Sony itself became a phenomenon around the world, and almost everyone who owned the PS2 console also had God of war, making it inevitable that this story, which contained a high dose of excitement, would continue. Aware of this, Sony did not disappoint its fans, giving the PlayStation 2 perhaps its latest big hit. god of war 2 for ps4

God of War II picks up where the first game left off as a story. “This man has become a god of war, what else will he do?” don’t say anymore. When Kratos, an aggressive Spartan filled with revenge for causing the death of his family, becomes the new God of war by bringing Olympos to his knees and killing Ares, the other gods of Ancient Greece are disturbed by this situation. In addition, Kratos invades, burns and destroys every city on earth in a row in order to extinguish the fire in it. His overhaul of all Greek cities causes others to take a stand against Kratos. And he does not listen to the warnings of Athena, who wants to talk to him and warn him. Finally, Rhodes personally lands in the city and shows his enormous Majesty. But a bird arriving on the battlefield flies above Kratos, taking both its colossal dimensions and its divine powers from itself. Kratos, who first suspects Athena, does not have much time to think about it, because the bird that goes to Colossus of Rhodes gives this giant statue the powers it received from Kratos to bring it to life. At one point Zeus joins the battle between them and gives Kratos a sword. Taking all his divine powers, the sword turns Kratos into a normal mortal. In order not to miss the taste of the story, let’s cut it here, but this is just the beginning of the story. I wrote it to explain why Kratos had to start from scratch. Along with Athena, Zeus and other Olympians, who are also seen as the first suspect, all sorts of intrigues and surprises will be waiting for you throughout the game. god of war 2 on ps4

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Our hero, who has lost his powers, continues to be involved in various puzzles, while cutting out everything in front of him with useful weapons in his usual two hands. The controls are comfortable and convenient, the kind that those who have tried the first will easily get used to. At first, we do simple movements, and as we grow and level up in battles, we can learn more deadly combos and artistic movements. In the adventure that we started with Athena’s Blades, which we received at the end of GoW, we will capture powerful weapons such as the Barbarian Hammer, Spear of Destiny, although we will mostly use the same weapon. At the same time, it is possible to use the orbs we have collected to add strength to the power of these tools and learn new movements. It’s also worth saying that spells will make our job easier throughout the game. The enemies you will encounter consist of faces familiar from the first game, as well as skeletons, monsters, giants and other bizarre creatures. At the moment, it is also worth noting that the elements of blood and brutality in the game are in a very high dose. Kratos was already a nervous brother, and he’s been more psychopathic since I saw him. god of war 2 on ps4

The visual quality of God of War II is very high thanks to the carefully crafted character and environment modeling using the full power of the PS2. Of course, it can’t be compared to a MotorStorm or Virtua Fighter 5, but it still has the best graphics you’ll ever see on the veteran console. Looking at the already planned calendar, it is possible to see that the best will not come after this (I’m talking about PlayStation 2, of course). god of war 2 walkthrough

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In addition to great graphics, a soundtrack consisting of solid tracks and high-quality sound effects also make you feel thoroughly adventurous. In the first game, the music that is in the minds, changes according to its location, and the successful vocalizations in intermediate videos do not leave us alone here Dec. god of war 2 walkthrough

The story ends

Apart from the main story, many materials, such as compelling and quickly connecting modes, various armor that you can open when you finish the game as extra content, are included in God of War II in DVD9 format.

If you have played the first game, you have already acquired GoW2 while reading this article. But if you haven’t had a chance to try it before, it’s worth adding this action adventure game set in the ancient Greek world to the top corner of your list of Golden Classics.



Great graphics and sound, easy gameplay, impressive story

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