Global Operations Review

global operations

In 1999, a game called Half-Life appeared. No one thought that game would bring a big change to the game world. Everyone played and admired it. The subject matter was excellent and we saw how much the Quake 2 engine could change. After receiving the game of the Year award for Half-Life, Sierra released a mode called Counter-Strike for Half-Life. Thanks to this mode, Sierra really hit the volley. This mode, which has ravaged the entire world, has (still) been a huge resource in multiplayer games. Of course, a lot of imitation games followed. Most couldn’t hold on. Here’s one of them at Global Operations.

I was so excited when I installed the game. It was like I was loading the soon-to-be-released Counter-Strike : Condition Zero. He greeted me with a very nice intro at the opening, and at that moment I said, “all right, that’s the game, olm.” But I have this pleasure. Before I could even start the game, the cons began to appear. The first thing that caught my attention was the loading. For some reason, it’s too long. Or because I’ve been getting used to short loads lately, it’s been a long time. Anyway, I was desperate. After it was over, I came across a dialog describing the mission. After I found out what to do, the soldier selection menu came out. There were all the characters, from sniper to heavy machine gun to bomber to doctor. I had to see the play now, I didn’t have the strength to stand it, I can’t even remember which character I chose. And then the game began. The graphics were not at all like the Screen shots I saw as I expected. The seconds were counted, and I hit the fire button, and all of a sudden, my teammates and I came down from the sky. And that’s when I said,” This is your copycat.”

Global Operations remains very lame among the successful games that have come out recently. Not much attention was paid to their graphics and sound. And there is a very long loading for such sloppy graphics. I’d say the game is no different from Counter-Strike, except that a helicopter brings you when you die. No matter how good the weapon types are, their sounds and character drawings are not at all heartwarming. In addition, it is not very useful in controls if you do not have a really powerful machine, seconds pass between the time you see the enemy and the time you die. I think there’s only one thing about Counter-Strike that you have room tasks. We’re in Mexico on the first mission. We’re asked to take the C4 bombs and detonate 1-2 targets. There’s nothing new in the game but this little detail.

Final Words:
I think Global Operations is a game that can’t give what’s wanted. The graphics don’t sound very good. There is nothing that is new. In short, it’s a failed game. If you are not interested in any of the many beautiful games that have come out recently, and you do not want to watch it in the movie, go out with your friends, but do not play this game…

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