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Ghosthunter, the latest play by SCEE Cambridge Studios, begins with Lazarus Jones of the Detroit Police Department and his partner Anna Steele being sent to Montsaye High School, where 2 years of serial School murders took place over one night. And they don’t know that Lazarus and Anna have come here from a place where evil demons have long craved revenge. 536-year-old black knight – Sir William Hawksmoor Peter Richmond, on the other hand, is a representative of the good and helps Jones in this adventure.

Our hero Jones continues his adventure, which he started at school with the kidnapping of his partner Anna by the Black Knight, in ghost towns and different sizes, and the only person who can stop them before these freaks destroy the world is Jones. In this way, the game is very similar to the Ghost Busters movie, even the mood of the game is reminiscent of the famous Ghostbusters movie. Our hero will face some of the Beast and The Phantom Jones 9mm Glock 17, while guns like a shotgun and grenade launcher can have, and also some enemies, such as the pulse rifle sniper rifle, with special weapons that can absorb their power, beating Busters all ghosts in the ghost trapped in a Frisbee-shaped similar between installations Jones.

The gameplay of the game is slightly different from other games; to tell you the truth, SCEE blends action and adventure very well. The game is designed in such a way that from time to time you feel that you are playing a pure action game, and you look at it, the game has become an adventure in which you progress by solving various puzzles, so the game is in a constant transformation.

The scent of Sir Daniel Fortesque…

No, the game has nothing to do with Sir Dan, so it’s not that much; but the game offers a different taste in terms of visuals, the graphics taste a little bit Medi Evil II; that is, the colorful and eye-pleasing lines, the producer of both games is Cambridge Studios. In fact, Ghosthunter is not even exactly the same as Medi Evil in style, but careful players will notice that some drawings have the smell of Medi evil on them.

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One of the original aspects of the game is that we can take control of a ghost that helps us at certain points, and in some parts of the game we use this ghost to enter places that Jones cannot access and solve puzzles that allow the game to flow. This, in turn, diversifies the game by adding fun gameplay along with different game styles and ensures that there is no uniform gameplay, so you can play the game without getting bored for hours.

By the way, we said ghosts, creatures or something like that, but as I mentioned, it’s a little Medi Evil, of course, funny and funny dialogues are inevitable, but there are still some exciting scenes.

The visuals are one of the most satisfying aspects of Ghosthunter, because everything from character modeling to environmental designs is perfectly crafted. Especially in some places, the detailed and damaged environmental decor is incredibly pleasing to the eye. Constantly going to different places during the adventure also prevents the game from repeating itself as surrounding locations. By the way, don’t think that the game only takes place indoors, because outdoor areas also occupy a large place in the game. In short, there is what you are looking for in the game, as well as a game decorated with various glare and light effects, for these reasons, it deserves a very high score in the name of visuals.

The controls are arranged as in many games played with dual analog sticks, meaning that we direct our character to one of the sticks, while we do the targeting job with another. To tell you the truth, the controls may be strange at first if you are not used to this system, but 10 minutes. in the end, it’s not a problem, in fact, it’s because the ghosts attack without any strategy, so if you played a pure action game, we might not see the controls as comfortable enough, but when the ghosts are on target, it’s not a problem. As in many games, the camera angles are controlled with the right analog stick, but sometimes the camera creates serious problems and affects the gameplay, which is annoying.

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Frankly, I haven’t seen such good vocalizations in such a game in a long time, the character vocalizations and harmonies are really so good in very few games, and when other effects and music are like that, it’s directly reflected in the atmosphere. After all, it would not be wrong to say that Cambridge has again made an original game in its own style…

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