Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Review

ghost recon advanced warfighter 2

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, in short, we’ve always talked about him as GRAW. When GRAW first came out, its really good gameplay, graphics, sounds, tasks, etc.garnered really serious ratings and received praise from many places. In the x360 version of the game, the gameplay was extremely fluid and comfortable. I also tried it on the PC, but obviously it was really hard on the PC with those graphics. Passed over the top of my structure. Map add-ons, Xbox Live matches were exciting and enjoyable. Personally, many PC users around me played a lot of my friend the first Graw’s multiplayer. In fact, it was not the Single Player that connected me the most in the game, but the Multiplayer feature. It’s already connected Most players like me to it thanks to seamless Xbox Live support. It was inevitable that a continuation of such a plus-featured and acclaimed production would come. Ubisoft announced GRAW 2 and said it will also have more beautiful features than the first game. It’s not long before we’re back in charge of the four-man team. While spending time with the demo version of GRAW 2, released on Xbox Live, it eventually appeared in the full version. Let’S see if GRAW 2 is a slightly modified sequel to the first and resembles a big mode?

What kind of graphic is that?

The graphics will show the first remarkable point in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. The graphics of the first Graw were really good. Their modeling, coatings, effects, environmental design were successful. They were already provided with a special graphics engine prepared for the game. GRAW 2 can give you a taste of the graphics of the first game at the very beginning. In some places, you can even turn to a memory like” I remember this place”. But this event only applies when you first enter the game. Because the games made on the graphics engine and on the outline of the graphics are obvious. When we get into the first conflict and everything flares up, they show themselves at a level that can be seriously called “Whoa.” Especially the shading effects that occur in moments of explosion are excellent. Lighting and reflections were used exactly on-site and in time, as they should have been. I’m an artificial beam of light. Modeling is again considered successful and even more detailed, as in the first Graw. Red Storm Entertainment did a really good job in the visual direction.

The great environmental design of the first Graw continues. Even this time I made this work with more details. Because taking cover and advancing by taking cover is very important in GRAW 2. The two biggest reasons for this are that the game is not a straight action, and the second is that artificial intelligence is really hurtful. In general, you can hide behind everything you see around you. If you want, from where you take cover, you can take a target and make a precise shot, or you can shoot just by removing your arm. Either way, both will be useful to you. Especially in heated conflicts, when you can’t get your head out, you will cope with this method. Let’s get to the point where we have taken cover, but the target is at the opposite angle to your weapon. Immediately, we take the gun in our other hand, flatten the part that is opposite to us, and shoot our target. Yeah, now we can get the gun right and left, left and right. It will be especially useful to eliminate our enemies who are in the opposite position to us.

Buffer zones

We’ve come to two sensitive areas. One is artificial intelligence, and the other is that the production is tactical and not a straight action. Artificial intelligence really takes root. The men are trying to catch you off guard like poison. They never wander around like partridges, avoiding fire and taking cover directly. They support their friends. And their greatest leverage is what they plot against you, just as you plot against them. For example, in a place that seems quite peaceful, artificial intelligence is waiting for you to take cover in parts that are not there. In an instant, this secluded garden of Eden could turn into hell. So I would advise you to think twice, not once, as you move forward. Especially for those used to the weight of action in Rainbow Six Vegas, GRAW 2 can be a tough bite. It’s not over with two orders given to guys like Vegas and taking cover and shooting. Seriously challenging artificial intelligence and more frequent trench-taking and advancing gameplay and a tactician approach on top of them make GRAW 2 challenging.

He’s smart in our teammates, like the enemy artificial intelligence. As soon as they enter the conflict, they immediately enter the optimal position. Even if they have taken cover in a bad place, they scan around and move to the most appropriate place to protect themselves. Before we rain down our commands, they automatically collide to survive, as a person should.

Let’s move on to another important place, namely tactics. Your greatest helper in GRAW 2 is to make the most of the map. Thanks to the easy interface, you can see which man is stationed where. You’ll determine what kind of tactics they should use around them. Remember, the enemy is taking cover, setting traps, and trying to catch him off guard, just like you. It’s best to go in a coordinated teamwork as you move forward. A false tactic and deployment can sometimes even cause you to lose the entire mission. Even if your people stay calm or aggressive, it’s one of the most important parts. Your teammates, who are waiting calmly when their place comes, will sly and quietly eliminate opponents. But sometimes there will be such events that you will not leave the aggressiveness out of the hands of your teammates. As you slowly dive into the game, you can already see the tactical element creeping into GRAW 2.

Single Player tasks can actually be considered the same as the first Graw. Not much change. And the worst part is, the one-man script is short. Just when you’re used to the environment and the story, the next thing you know, the game’s over. That’S one of the cons of GRAW 2. As a script, we play the character of Sergeant Scott Mitchell. Our mission is to stop terrorist acts in southern Mexico. Whatever’s going on, it’s always happening in Mexico. We have to go there once in different games.

There’s always going to be a shortage.

In fact, when Single player is not enough, the Multiplayer mode, which always wins my appreciation from the first game, is involved. Multiplayer made really great as in the previous game. We can take on other GRAW 2 players via Xbox Live. 16-man games are really great fun. There were no problems with the connection when playing via Xbox Live. I played really well and fluently. The error-free multiplayer part of the first Graw continues exactly. Again, if you want, you can play as two people at the same time on X360 as a Co-Op with a friend. It would be more enjoyable to finish tasks in this way. In short, GRAW 2 has a structure that can replay itself.

The sounds in the game are quality as ever. Even as with graphics, there is more development and toughness in sounds. The conversations are quite realistic, the sound effects are made extremely realistic. The only problem was that once or twice there was a very slight hang-up in the sound of the gun. But, frankly, it’s not even a problem to hang out with. It only happened once during the entire game. Maybe my x360 happened to your face. But in the end, I can say that the sounds of the game are quite beautiful.

Pearls from Ubisoft

In short, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 was a really high-quality production. There are a lot of pros in the first game, they even took them and improved them and improved the quality. For me, the biggest minus is that the tasks repeat the first Graw and the short duration of the scenario mode. But other than that, technically and the gameplay was really great. GRAW 2 will be enjoyed by x360 owners for now. PC users will also be able to play GRAW 2. But I guess it will muscle many PC systems again. Especially Ubisoft’s recent period of consoles to give weight and graphics card policy as a headache. If you have an x360, don’t miss GRAW 2.

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