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Some games happen that it’s a continuation of a famous production or a new project that looks pretty good. But there is the fact that, as announced, they cause great excitement and anticipation that others cannot. Posted screenshots, videos officially whet the appetite. Here’s Gears of War, falling into the latter category. It was touted as a new game and a new adventure. It was announced, promises were made, comments were made. People have made tons of posts and comments for Gears of war on forums. But the full version of the game was not around. Expectations have risen and patience has run out. GOW (let me call him by his short name now) was coming out of Epic Games from a master producer. Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2004 when we were a company that won games like, Of course, the excitement could not be reined in. Eventually, GOW came out and showed his face.

A new classic?

When Gears of War appeared on the screen, my heart began to beat. Because it was a game that excited me for a long time. The first detail that attracted attention as soon as I entered the structure, of course, was the graphics that made people talk about it for months, and the part that attracted the most attention. GOW drives Unreal 3 Engine,and he did a great job. The coatings and textures were excellent, especially the light and shading details that came on top of them were seriously super. There is no distortion in the graphics when you go to the bottom of a place that you look at from afar in the production and go into details. In some games, a place that seems to be good from afar can soon be as if it is made of mud. But I didn’t come across it at Gow in any way. Unreal 3 has drawn the environment wonderfully, and the details really drive you crazy. Not only the environment, but also the modeling has been extremely detailed. The main character, Marcus Fenix, and other characters are beautifully illustrated, and the producers have also paid attention to detail over the characters. Perhaps one of the biggest parts of this is that as the game progresses, the characters ‘ faces become injured and dirty. Even the deformation of the armor on their necks has found its place. Even the redness of the armor on the neck is evident. As you run, the pieces of Earth that shield behind you, the fire of your weapon, the appearance of the internal organs of your enemies, the locusts, are quite subtle and important details. Especially the explosion effects in the production are dazzling, as if you think that there or your enemy really exploded and went up in flames. Your enemies, the locusts, are beautifully modeled, just like the other characters. Certainly do not think that they are inferior to you, despite such excellent graphics, the game also does not cause problems is a plus direction.


As the graphics form the basis of the atmosphere and show us that ruined and spilled war environment, our ears get their share of it. The sounds are also certainly as successful as the graphics and quite detailed. The effect on the locusts you killed at the moment of death is not the same. It was used differently. Gunshots are definitely filling the ears. They’re perfect enough to seriously pick up a weapon and make you feel like you’re diving against enemies. You can hear the sound effects to the thinnest point. Bullets hitting the wall, each explosion being in a separate sound effect, not using single effects in action-packed scenes, certainly in GoW, the sound part was made quite diverse. Speeches, vocalizations and others are wonderfully featured in the production. After beautiful graphics, they finish the whole event in sounds and complete the atmosphere. I take off my hat and salute Epic Games from here.

A separate advantage is that the controls of such a beautiful game are also easy. Absolutely every player can get used to the controls after a little warm-up round and it doesn’t make you tired. Along with easy controls, the gameplay is also comfortable. As we can remember from Ghost Recon and Kill Switch games, taking cover and shooting is a method that we will hit quite a head in Gow. Like Kamikaze, we certainly can’t dive into enemies, because our enemies are smart. Taking cover and shooting makes conflicts more enjoyable and fun. And the place where we take cover can fall apart. If we hide behind a stone, it can last, but if we get behind durable items such as furniture, etc., it can fall apart in a short period of time. In many productions, when you stand behind a chair and shoot, it can be as if that chair is bulletproof. But this situation does not exist in Gow and makes the atmosphere of the production more realistic. Near and far conflicts are one of the most wonderful parts of the production. Entering such wonderful actions in a perfect atmosphere attracts the player. Another feature when we take cover is” Blind Fire”, so we also have the option to shoot without aiming. But if we do that, our bullets go into the carom and it becomes difficult to hit our opponents. You can do this event occasionally to keep enemies away, but I wouldn’t always recommend it. It’s not just about shooting from mutual trenches, it’s about getting into melee and preparing the ending. When you’re fighting a group of locusts, another Locust may come from the back or side in an instant. You can face him in an instant. At this time, most of the time, your head saw comes into play to smash your opponents. As soon as the Locust attacks you, you can move towards it and make it a kilo of Locust bird meat. It’s not just that it’s all about it, you can hold a pump or scan to his head and stick his brain on the wall. Especially sometimes you have to kill your enemies exactly. Do not think that when they scan them thoroughly and fall to the ground, they have passed into the afterlife, go to his head and make his final death with a saw. Throwing grenades at Gow is also quite easy, all you have to do is determine its course and shake the bomb. Another interesting point is that this bomb sticks to where it hit, which means that when it hits your enemy, it sticks to your body and your opponent can’t get rid of it. So a certain murder occurs.

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“One of the innovations in the game is to load the gun. You can do this automatically or manually. But it’s a fact that your gun isn’t loaded directly. When you run out of ammo, there’s a bar. There’s a marked part in this bar. This part also consists of two parts. The first is a bright whiteness, while the other is a darker whiteness. When you press reload, a sign in the bar starts to move. If you attach the first part with the mark, your weapon will fill up quickly and you will receive an extra hit. If you attach the second part, the clip replacement process will occur in a normal format. If you stay out of these parts, then the gun is jammed and there is no Reload. After a few exercises, you can get used to the manual filling process. So it’s much easier for you.”

Artificial intelligence

I advised you to take cover in the gameplay and not enter the Rambo section. It was because your enemies were smart. Yes, Gow has the best AI of 2006. Certainly the locusts aren’t stupid. When you shoot, they take cover, when you drop bombs, they run to other places, while one distracts you and the other comes behind you and tries to finish you off. They have a thousand different tactics, and they can be quite annoying when it comes to it. They do not do their best to restore you to the mercy of the truth. In the same way, the bosses you encounter are not stupid. For example, the first Boss you encounter in the mines will seriously force you. This creature, which is blind, is very sensitive to smell and sound. You have to get out by having him break down the door of the mine, which is locked. At this time, you can sweat quite a lot. Because it can follow the sound and leave you in very difficult situations. Our teammates, other than enemies, can also be considered smart. But our war buddies who join us aren’t as smart as the locusts. Sometimes they can be caught off guard by a mistake or two they make. But they’re certainly capable of their intelligence and the extra firepower they provide you. We also have the opportunity to give orders to our teammates.

Multiplayer support

Don’t worry when Gow’s Single player runs out, it has a multiplayer that makes the game last longer and will play itself over and over again. Multiplayer is definitely one of the most enjoyable sides. Co-Op makes up the Multiplayer portion of WarZone, Assassination and Execution Gow. In execution, you have to completely kill your opponents. After filling the stomach of the other person with a beautiful bullet, immediately after the continuation, all you have to do is Do Mortal Kombat “Fatality” without getting back on your feet. In short, you will finish it directly, but how you finish it is up to you. WarZone is actually like Counter Strike. Because, like in Quake and other productions, you’re not reborn when you die. Instead, when you die, you only have the opportunity to watch your other friends and talk to them. Assassination also depends on the team game. All you have to do is kill the father of the opposite team and win the match. Co-Op goes through the same scenario as I know, playing with two people. But with the Co-Op function, playing the script is quite enjoyable, even I think it can be much better than Single player. After all, you have another player with you this time, and you can do quite a lot of tactics. You can play two people from live or the same console.

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On the greenhouse planet, people live a happy life. But this picture of happiness and joy is buried in history with an army of locusts coming from underground. Because locusts came out of nowhere and surprised people. As a result of a great war, people lose, and the survivors are a small part. And they’re stuck in the greenhouse somewhere else. But other parts of the planet are unusable. In this ruined environment, we lead a soldier named Marcus Feniz, who is independent and undisciplined.

Marcus is in jail for a crime, but then our character is needed and we go to war against the locusts. The game is actually based on what Marcus has been through in the last 36 hours.

Consisting of five parts, the game has a total of three difficulty levels. These are designated as Casual (Easy), Hardcore (medium) and Insane (hard). My advice would be to choose hardcore directly to start Gow. Insane cannot be selected because it is locked when you first start. But on more difficult levels, Gow’s fun is more revealing.

In the production, if you don’t go into details too much, I play well, I don’t die right away, if you play at an easy difficulty level, you have the opportunity to finish in a short time. This can be 6-7 hours as a collection. But it can go into more detail and go up to 8-10 hours at the upper difficulty levels. Although the Single Player seems to be a short time by some people, I think it’s done exactly. Because it could squeeze if it was a little longer, Epic Games has set up a one-man scenario to leave the taste on our palate. There are some Cutscence scenes in the production that complement the atmosphere. These are also really vital and complete the construction. But it seemed to me that there was a little slowdown in a few cutscenes. But it’s not too glaring. If you pay attention to filtering in one or two places, there seems to be a problem. But these are not the kind that will undermine the entire Gow.


Gears of War is the best game of the year for me. It has the best graphics, sound and atmosphere on the market right now. In fact, it shouldn’t be called an action game directly, because it involves wild scenes, a dark world, a chaos-filled environment and enemies. These can sometimes cause minor stresses. For example, flying creatures called Kryll can tear you apart in an instant with surprise attacks in the dark. Go to a place that is illuminated to protect you from them, so that they will not attack you. But stay well in the illuminated area and check thoroughly until you are sure of the dark side. Otherwise, when you enter the dark part, your eyes may never see the light again. Creatures can eat you up. Gow is a great game with everything from atmosphere, gameplay, graphics, etc. But the last point of note is that the game is not as much as it was exaggerated before it came out. Yeah, it’s a lot of detail and a couple of features, like the stuffing part. But the innovation that would make a revolution in the genre obviously did not exist. And what does that lead to? Actually, it doesn’t lead to anything. Because the atmosphere and depth in Gears of war go beyond all that. If a game enters a person’s dreams, replays itself, draws the player into it, most importantly, the perfect atmosphere and feeling of war that it provides are rarely found in productions so far; there is no other word to say. I give Epic Games a standing ovation for creating another perfect game after Unreal. Chief designer Cliff Bleszinski notes that they do not directly reflect the power of the x360 and will do better in their other projects. In short, after such a successful production, it is inevitable that the latter will come with better graphics, sound and atmosphere.

“Let PC owners who do not have x360 and want to play the game have a little more patience. Microsoft, along with Vista began to advertise many productions as “Games for Windows”. In short, as in Halo 2, after a while, we may encounter Gears of war that will work in Vista.”


Excellent graphics, sounds, artificial intelligence, Multiplayer and great atmosphere

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