Future Tactics: The Uprising

Future Tactics: The Uprising

Future Tactics: The Uprising is a turn based strategic shooter computer game by Zed Two.

Once known as Pillage, this beautiful turn based shooter was stuck being developed for various years prior to being gotten by Crave for a US discharge, followed in no time by JoWood for an European delivery. It plays a great deal like the Worms 3D games and has a story written by Paul Rose. The game highlights a geo-mod framework in which nearly anything can be annihilated, leaving combat zones scarred by pits.

It was delivered on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Windows. A Gizmondo rendition was arranged yet dropped after Tiger Telematics failed.

The plot of the game spins around Low, his sister Pepper, and some other survivors they can discover, attempting to free the universe of the puzzling and malicious “animals” that are gradually assuming control over the planet.


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