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The reliefs on the pyramids show that chess has a history of about 4,000 years. M.S. 3. and 4. in India for centuries, the game called” Caturanga(war tactic) ” came to Europe through Spain. The first championship for chess, whose rules have not changed in nearly 800 years, was held in 1886. Winner Wilhelm Steinitz is also the father of the concept of playing chess systematically. Currently, the most recent champion of the tournament organized by FIDE (World Chess Federation) is 24-year-old Uzbek Rustem Kasımcanov. Due to some problems in the organization, world-class grandmasters such as Gary Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko did not participate in this tournament.

Since 1986, the World Chess Championship has been divided into 2 organizations, one of which is fide’s and the other is the Association of professional chess players, since 1998.

Fritz 8 is a computer-adapted version of a game whose roots go back very long, such as chess. What do you expect from a chess game? The answer to his question is short and clear: if chess can be played, it is a chess game. Of course, artificial intelligence is an important factor. But in all chess games that have come out for years, artificial intelligence has always been very strong. Fritz 8 is one of them. If you’re a chess enthusiast and unfortunately you can’t find anyone to play with, here’s Fritz 8. After all the moves you make are examined from head to toe by the game, the moves to be made are calculated. So, a few seconds later, when Fritz made his move, he said, “Oh! how did I give that deficit?”

If it was the opposite, it would be an easy-to-eat game, Fritz. And when that happens, it would be small in front of the chessmaster, who was now handling the makeup part of the job from good to good. Ubisoft, the maker of the defeated chessmaster, thinks about what more it will do in a chess game after it has greatly improved artificial intelligence, 10. he went on to major improvements in terms of visuals for the version. Fritz doesn’t have a visual to rival chessmaster. At least there are only 4 themes in Fritz 8 against dozens of chess pieces and tables found in Chessmaster 10th. Considering that one of them is 2D and the other two are 3D in the frame, there is only one tangible 3D board left. Just like in chessmaster, the current game is available to play by holding the chessboard and adjusting the angle we want. Already this is the biggest plus in the transition of chess games to 3 dimensions.

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64 frames is a much bigger pitch than it looks for a chess player. Everything you expect from a strategy game fits easily on this map. The game board is Mountains, Hills, castles for the player, pawns are armies, elephants, castles and horses are commanders…

As artificial intelligence, Fritz 8 is successful, but not as much as Chessmaster. As an example, at Chessmaster 10th, I encountered AI thinking Times of about 1 minute. Whereas Fritz lasts about 10 seconds at 8. Of course, this doesn’t give us a firm judgment on how artificial intelligence makes the smartest moves, but I can easily say that I have a harder time at chessmaster.

In general, if you have a Chessmaster 10th, you don’t need to get a Fritz 8. Fritz is a good game, but not as much as Chessmaster. For this reason, it was a production that could not go beyond the second choice. Don’t dive into the game and neglect real life…

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