Free Gaming Deals From Epic Games

free gaming deals

Epic Games released 3 different games for free with a total value of 30$.

The tradition of gaming platforms giving free games continues. This week, Epic Games announced that it will offer 3 different games to its subscribers for free. Deponia: The Complete Journey, Ken Follett’s the Pillars of the Earth and the First Tree will be available for free for 1 Week starting April 15.

free gaming deals

Free gaming deals from Epic Games

One of the games, Deponia: The Complete Journey, is a game in the adventure and puzzle genre. The game, which costs 109 TL, can be played even on computers that are not very powerful. You can access the game, which takes up 8 GB of space, as part of the campaign. The game, which can be played even on Windows 7, is even supported by a computer with 2 GB of RAM.

Another game, Ken Follett’s the Pillars of the Earth, is also a game in a similar category. A game that does not require very high hardware power, as in the first game, takes up 13.5 GB of space.

The last game given by Epic Games is First Tree. This game is also an option that is easy to play and does not require much System Requirements.

After adding games to your Epic Games Library within the specified dates, you become a lifetime owner. It seems that this week’s games don’t appeal to everyone. All three games are played in English, although at the basic level, you need to know the language. In this regard, the technology appeals to all of these games as well
if we say he did, we’d be wrong. However, we can say that a certain audience will love these games.


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