Formula One 2005 Review

formula one 2005

Just 2 years ago, we didn’t have an F1 track or a chance to enter the calendar. As the days progressed, it was announced that Turkey would host Formula 1. This was amazing. We were going step by step, now we had entered the calendar and started building the track. For the Turkish circuit, the Formula 1 boss said: “it is the best track in Formula 1.” Our chest was swollen, our vein of Turkishness was filled with pride. On the one hand, rumors began to circulate that it would not catch up. It was even said that the predetermined budget was far exceeded, so it would remain half. Fortunately, the runway is over and now waits for the best pilots in the world. Anyone interested in motorsport has an interest in Formula 1 in some way. Although it is not very popular among racing games, it has always been played and liked.

F1 games have always been disappointing, usually with a fairly difficult gameplay structure. It’s not easy to keep a known 900-horsepower monster on the road. I’ll introduce you to The Game Play Station 2 F1 2005 that will change your perspective on F1 games to date. Well, after all, we will be able to compete on the Istanbul Park track. Amazing, isn’t it?

An introduction to the game

When we start our game and enter the menus, the first thing that catches our eye is the language option. The menus include classic start now, online, continue game, profile setting. When we say Instant Race (start immediately), we can make the track, driver, team and race-related settings.

I especially want to draw your attention to the Learning and Tips section. Here lies an extensive encyclopedia of detailed information about Formula 1, about tuning an F1 car, such as the race line (the first thing people who start racing life learn).

We can create our own profile in the game. It’s like our name, our face shape, our country and our short name for some of the abbreviations on the scoreboard. The options we saw on the menus when we started our career: points table, e-mail, Championship information, etc.s…

From here we can look at new job offers. There are usually offers from 3 teams Minardi, Jordan and Red Bull. They’re all trying you first as a trial. In these three teams, you can audition and make your latest decision, so you can choose one and not think, “I wonder what the others were like, I wish I’d tried the other.”

I started with Red Bull, if I pass the Test 2. I was going to start as a pilot. I agreed, here you are racing on a track of their choice, again against a previously determined time over a predetermined lap. Your goal is to complete the given rounds and make a better rating than the given time.

But I have to point out that the game alternately changes bids. For example, I started a new career another time. There, Red Bull asked me to try out for a test pilot. So every time the job you’re offered can be different. Also, according to your performance, you have a chance to get offers from the big teams and rise even higher.


The season goes in real race order and all the tracks are drawn in detail. Yes, now everything is ready, the profile has been set, we have participated in the tests and succeeded, and we are starting to fight in our new team. Before I forget, the offers that are made to you are also set in goals. For example, collect more points than your teammate and finish the season in the top 10.

From the race menu, you can get information such as the final status in the championship. Before the start of the race to get to know the track as it really is, there are training days that you can try, “I’m the best, I don’t need to step on the gas” if you say, there are ranking rounds, but let me warn you in advance, the game is still standing in front of you as 2 separate ranking days. You know, after a few races were held at the beginning of the season, the ranking laps fell to one day. If you don’t participate in the ranking rounds or join one and join the other, make sure you’re doomed to start behind. In the ranking rounds, you can watch other pilots if you want. After the ranking rounds are over, you can see who has done what in the time table.

First race first place

I looked back with pride at starting the first race in first place, and right behind me is the legendary pilot Shumi, believe me, you think for a moment like the truth and it goes very funny. There are several different camera angles in the game. My most comfortable view is the camera angle on the top of the helmet shown on TV.

For a moment, you feel like an F1 driver. 5 the red light is on and when it goes out, the race begins! I saw Alonso move towards me with a rustle, and now the exciting race started from behind. If you choose easy Mode in the game, features such as many auxiliary equipment, non-skidding, automatic braking make the game simpler for you. Even so much so that during the game you go on a line on the ground. The Yesil gas, the yellow line is the deceleration, and the Red is the brake point.

This auxiliary racing line will be very useful, but before I forget, the absurd thing about easy Mode is that you just press the gas and the game automatically makes the brake itself. So if you think you’re not going to enjoy it, you’ll have to visit the options menu.

Flags in the game also need to know well. For example, when the yellow flag is waved, it can let you know that someone is spinning on the road and can lead to danger. The Yesil flag states that the danger status has passed. If there is a puddle of oil on the road, the flag with red and yellow stripes is waved, indicating that the road is slippery.

Audio and video

Especially for me, I think what should happen in an F1 game is real engine sound. If those who made the game thought of it, they put the sound of the real F1 car instead of the special effect, and it’s an incredibly enjoyable feature. I think the other sounds, like the sound of tires, could have been better. Images can be called Enough. At the beginning of the game, if you choose instant race or World Championship, not career, you can hear the voice of the announcer and your boss who orders you to team from the paddock during the race.

Turkey runway and final thoughts

The Turkish track is extremely fast and I think it is the easiest and most enjoyable track to compete on, but I think those who prepared this game could not do enough tests on the track because it is a new track and could not get the data.

F1 2005 was the most enjoyable F1 game I’ve ever played. Because there is a Turkish track, because living legend shumiye Istanbul Park to teach, because the sound of an F1 car has never sounded so pleasant, anyway, the race will start soon and I’d better go and settle in my car. By the way, where’s my helmet?


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