Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Review

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

Perhaps the most important thing about computer games is that they offer people experiences that they can’t live in real life. FRP (Fantasy Role playing) universes are not found for projecting an imaginary world to players. For years, reading books containing fantastic elements, watching movies, and perhaps the element that most affected young people; “playing FRP games”, which we once could not understand when we heard their names; “elf, dwarf, orc…” are now accepted as part of our lives.

When we consider the creators of fantastic worlds, one of the important names is R.A. We all know the Icewind Dale game based on Salvatore and his story. Here we are very excited to see the name of this master author, who has played an important role in the design of the story of this new action game called Demon Stone. Looking at the list of people who have worked on the Demon Stone game, our excitement has grown even more. Producers;” Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ” is made up of names who served in the game. In addition, among those who made voice-overs in the game, we were very excited to see the name of Patrick Stewart, whom we know as the captain of the next generation of Star Trek, and Michael Clarke Duncan, again a famous player.

The shared fates of the three heroes

Our story begins with the encounters of two ruthless sorcerers, Slaad Lord Ygorl and Githyanki General Sereka, who are trying to take the world prisoner. As the sorcerers try to destroy each other, the ruthless armies they create also harm the innocent people in between. When the common goals of both evil wizards lead to the death and suffering of every innocent person living in the Faerun universe, a wizard named Blackstaff, who appears suddenly to put an end to events, gathers the souls of the evil Lords into a sphere using a stone called The Demon Stone. Although evil temporarily ends, the armies created by evil sorcerers continue to harm people and burn and destroy villages as they fight each other.

We arrive at the village with the warrior Rannek, who suddenly appears in moments of intense fighting, when things get complicated. Rannek, whom we control, is a powerful warrior. With it, we both save the surrounding people and cut down the creatures of evil precedent. Among the people taken prisoner were half elf-half dwarf (!) we encounter a rogue named Zhai (a thief who uses secrecy, slyly kills his enemies), and we continue our journey together, as we share a common fate. Zhai; a warrior with a high fighting ability, he can become invisible using certain points of maps and sneak up on his enemies, even infiltrating places without being seen by anyone.

When the size of the war increases and the Dragons enter into it, we are trapped with these two heroes. As our hopes are about to run out, when Illius, the young wizard who is suddenly teleported to the scene, saves our two heroes, he joins the group and the trio, who will fight back-to-back until the end of the game, is completed. Our heroes, who together easily defeat their enemies, enter a cave that they should not enter as a game of fate. They soon unknowingly make a big mistake, and when they overcome the obstacles in the cave they entered, they neutralize Demon Stone. The evil precedent that has been freed again is that when two Wizards continue their work where they left off, our group has only one solution: find and destroy the two wizards…

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Two Towers – Demon Stone likeness(?)

In Demon Stone, a typical action game, we hunt orc and Goblin using three of our characters alternately. Although it approaches the hack’n slash category because we kill everyone in front of us, the fact that we develop our characters with the gold we collect along the way and the experience points we earn increases the RPG elements of the game a little. In fact, the game is full of elements designed to make it easier to use. In other words, even if you don’t even know the “R”of the RPG or can’t use character spells wisely, you can succeed in the game.

As a rule, the whole game is “kill anyone, drink the falling syrups, break the barrels, collect the gold.” A game that offers a beautiful and comfortable use in cooperation with the keyboard and mouse, allows us to make a combo with our characters again without any hassle. Although automatic camera management sometimes causes problems, due to its structure and in order to show the battles in the background from the most beautiful angle, it can be considered a decision on the spot. In short, when we play the game, we are not interested in any details and only kill enemies.

If we examine the overall structure of Demon Stone, we can see that it resembles the game “two Towers” too much, since it comes out of the hands of the same producer. In other words, as they are very similar to each other in terms of in-game progress and camera use, the active presence of heroes on the battlefield, except for the character we manage, increases the similarity between the two games. Another similarity is that the background is constantly moving and increases visual richness. For example, in the first episode, we constantly see the village under attack in the background, while we are interested in our own war. Dragons flying in the background cause us to lecture, “let him not touch us, a thousand hurrah.” Of course, resembling an award-winning game like” Two Towers ” is a sign of success.

In Demon Stone, the use of characters on the battlefield has been taken one step further. In other words, you can provide transitions by pressing F1, F2, F3 keys at any time when you are fighting three heroes. This system usually works for bosses. Controlling the wizard only to kill an enemy damaged by ranged weapons, or walking behind him with the rouge and hitting him on the back while two characters distract the boss are tactics that can be done in the game.

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RPG elements has not been thrown out

Although Demon Stone contains a lot of action, it is still an RPG game. This means that it is very simple; characters jump the level, can wear new and powerful weapons, armor, and win spells. It is necessary to add this point when counting the similarities of the game with two towers, because the level system in Demon Stone is based on the same foundations. In each episode, we earn experience points depending on the number of creatures we kill, and at the end of the episode, we can become stronger by distributing them to our abilities. The best detail of the game is; if you don’t want to waste time dealing with these abilities, it offers an automatic level jump system. According to the same logic, we can also buy items such as weapons, armor, in exchange for the gold we collect in the Department. Again, we have a chance to make them automatic.

Although it contains some graphics errors due to the port from the console version, it offers good visuals at high resolutions. Especially character animations are very successful. Although the textures of the main characters are too detailed to compare with the console, it is impossible to say the same things for enemies. It looks like the enemy’s modeling was taken from the console. Unfortunately, in some episodes, the backgrounds are crafted at a very low texture level, as if they are teasing. Fortunately, the overall graphical structure is not always like this. A game that can work very comfortably with above-average graphics cards, those with a good system can play at high resolutions and capture real visuals.

As for sound and music. We see that music is worthy of a fantastic world. They never scratch their ears. Each of them is very successful, since the vocalizations are already performed by master names. Overall in-game sounds are also considered above average, but they are never perfect.

As a result, Demon Stone is an action-packed RPG set in The Forgotten Realms universe. It is also necessary to say that the game, which is available on the market as a DVD, gets the name RPG because of the universe in which it passes, and the overall game consists of cutting down enemies. After all, if you like this type, it is definitely useful to take and try. I especially liked it in terms of the story. Let your sword be sharp…

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