Footballer killed in 2006 brought to FIFA 21

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Recently, we had the opportunity to play with a lot of players who have lost their lives, especially thanks to FIFA. Johan Cruyff, George Best, Maradona and Puskas are just some of them… but this time the situation is different. A footballer brought into the game will be remembered for many years.

The move is being made through the father of a footballer who died in 2006. Brought to the FIFA 21 game with modern-day technologies, the young footballer has a sad story with great disappointments in the background.

Footballer brought to FIFA 21 game: Kiyan Prince

fıfa 21

Kiyan Prince, who had a dream of becoming a footballer, was stabbed to death in 2006 when he was just 15 years old while trying to break up a fight outside his school in Edgware. The death of the footballer, who also played for the Quenns Park Rangers junior team, had deeply shaken the world at the time.

After Kiyan Prince’s death, his father, Dr Mark Prince OBE, set up a foundation bearing his son’s name. This foundation has been fighting knife assault crimes and gang culture for many years. Even after the foundation’s challenge, the age at which people can legally buy knives was raised to 18. The footballer’s father, Prince OBE, describes his son as “a young black boy whose life was taken very early.”

As of this year, Kiyan has 15. Prince OBE, who will commemorate the anniversary of his death, has fulfilled one of his son’s greatest dreams. The move was greeted with jubilation, especially by the young footballer’s club Queens Park Rangers and their supporters.

Young footballer Kiyan Prince wanted to take part in FIFA games by signing a professional contract with his team. And it was almost the only thing he didn’t drop from his mouth until his death. Realizing this dream of his son, the father added Kiyan Prince to the FIFA 21 game.

Of course, quite advanced technologies were used for this process. The footballer, who would have been 30 if he had lived, was redesigned with Deep Fake and illustration technology. On the other hand, images from the era in which the footballer lived and his style of play were also successfully added to FIFA 21.

The young footballer will wear the number 30 shirt in the QPR team he dreams of. Although the young footballer cannot achieve this dream, his father hopes that this move, which fulfilled his son’s childhood dream, will inspire other young people to do the same.

After the footballer was brought into FIFA 21, a rather sad video was released. In the video released, Kiyan Prince’s father spoke, while Manchester City’s star footballer Raheem Sterling gave some information about Kiyan Prince. In addition to the player’s childhood images, the video also featured images from within the game.

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