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football manager 2009

Football Manager 2009 (FM) is the latest ring in the manager series, which SI Games continues to release like a car that changes every year and pleases us in this way. After all the time going over the preliminary review we wrote earlier, the intervening and incredibly error-filled demo version, we finally got FM. As soon as the game was released, SI Games added its first patch to its website as downloadable content. With this patch that fixes over 300 errors on FM, we have installed the construction and it is time to play to the most crucial point.

A great decider from SI Games

I think you’ve probably all played the demo version before the game came out. SI Games offered FM as a demo with 2 different versions and deleted the demo from my machine 3 hours after downloading and installing it, causing me to quickly walk away. Because the demo contained really big mistakes, and the most important of them was the famous injury problem. This problem became a headache in 2007. FM had the same problem in 2009, and it was a little creepy. But my research on the forums has learned that these errors are known, and SI Games will release a patch on the day the game is released. It’s true he corrected hundreds of mistakes in the game from injury, but there are some funny situations as well. Just like in the screenshot…

Let’s start talking about the innovations in FM. There are really a lot of innovations in construction. If we start with the 3D Match Engine That Everyone was wondering about, this engine was shown as a revolution in management games. It was said that it would not force our machines, it could be easily monitored. But it was only when I opened the game that I could see how true it was that it wasn’t quite true. In short, some of the predictions in the preliminary review article were correct, and the 3D match engine remained in the classroom on some issues. The graphics are in worse condition than the Sensible Soccer series of ‘ 97 and are created with Java. I think the real reason it’s so bad is because of Java. I can say that the 3D engine is logically very beautiful compared to the graphics. At least it’s good that we can watch the goals we scored, the positions we entered and all kinds of events that happen in the match. That’s definitely a big plus. Besides, he has minor mistakes. For example, an injured player lies on the ground in the position of being ready and should be carried on a stretcher to the edge of the field, whatever wisdom, flying slowly to the edge of the field. Although you can call it flying or crawling, it’s completely your choice, I thought flying was more appropriate. Apart from these, the emptiness of the stands is also a constant glaring event. But these are minor problems, and I’m sure they will definitely be fixed in the games that go on in the series. So I can say that SI Games ‘ entry into this 3D event was very good. And before I forget, if your video card is not a new generation or sub-series, you will not be able to see 3D, and the game will not allow you to see beyond 2D.

He hits the ball against the goalkeeper, but where?

As for other innovations, first of all, when you make a transfer offer to a player in past FM’s, when it is not accepted, you must try and right-click and tire your arm in vain to make an offer again. In 2009, this part is now gone. A button has been added to the game where offers that are no longer accepted can also be offered again. You can renew your transfer offer with one click.

The transfer market and system have been completely edited and written from the very beginning. Now, clearing is a much more effective transfer method than before, and it is also very easy to hire young and talented players from big teams. It may sound bad to some, but it’s actually normal. It used to be so difficult to transfer, I know I said I would take a player. In addition, there are transfer rumors that members of the media at FM, like our country’s newspapers, can’t help but attribute one player to each team. However, it is a very useful system and it is very good that we can see which players are after who. Let me give you the good news that you are probably planning to play in Turkey. Now famous foreign players have started to come to Turkey more comfortably. Of course, you can’t bring in a Messi, but it’s still possible to transfer much more clearly than before. I mean, this season, SI Games are going through a lot of transfer class.

Definitely one of my favorite innovations was press conferences. Before the season, before and after important matches, the media capture you. We have 3 options to answer questions, Say No comments or exit to the media. As soon as you get out to the media, the press conference will be over. If you get bored after a while, you can send your assistant coach to a meeting. One thing I have to warn you about is that the press is hitting your words in the face. It’s pretty close to reality. In other words, attending meetings by giving such glowing responses leads to you being a liar and your credibility being reduced in the eyes of both the media and club managers and your footballers. If you want, you can add extra notes to your answers that you will write in English in the space in the bottom line, and you can be shocked to see that the media can detect them. I want to make a warning here, don’t use slang words. The press perceives it as it is, and your name can be profanity.

FM 2009 features a TV display mode during the match. In this mode, you can watch your match in 3D or 2D, simultaneously viewing the league’s standings and scores for other matches. Let me also add that your assistant coach is actively informing you about the match. This player is playing poorly, this player is tired, there is a gap between the defender and the midfield like the Panama Canal teacher what are you doing? prepare for such comments. Since this information can easily change the course of a match, especially if you play in leagues such as Turkey, it is absolutely necessary to find a better coach by firing your assistant coach. Because, as I said, the information it gives is vital information and can lead to you winning the match, as well as cause you to lose the match if it misinformed you. Now your pre-match, half-time and post-match conversations have started to affect your players at a very high rate. In the old days, every time you checked, you saw that they weren’t listening, which is a good feature.

Games are taken from the game with SI applause

In general, this is the way the innovations in the construction have been. I already mentioned them in the preliminary review article, exactly what I mentioned in the full version of FM 2009 is included. It is possible to explore functions related to innovations as you play the game. I will soon prepare a large-scale guide and address the details.

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