Football Manager 2002 Review

football manager 2002

The game played over the Internet was prepared using the Java platform and took a year to complete. This game is not an sms game. You only send a membership message when registering for the game, and you receive a message every 10 minutes or a week, depending on your choice. The weekly mode goes in parallel with the real league and the league fixture is one-on-one. “Wow, if they gave me the team 5 weeks ago, I announced my championship, they would give me this team…”like deer can. In daily mode, one match per day is played, and in ten-minute mode, a match is played every 10 minutes.

The best thing that suited me was the daily mode

In the game, you become the head of one of the Turkish league teams, you can not only manage the team, but also grow the stadium and play with ticket prices. On the first screen, you see leagues and you get one of the teams that are empty in the one you want. Each team has a popularity and, accordingly, a fan base. The goal in the game is not to be a champion, contrary to popular belief. It would be very illogical if it was already so, the player who took one of the three greats would immediately play for the championship. The goal is to get the most Manager points. Of course, the criteria for this are very different. There is a mountain difference between making Galatasaray second and making Göztepe first.

Let’s get to the technical details. To run the game, you need to install JM, which Microsoft no longer supports. You can immediately install and install JM from the game’s page. After installing Jm yi (if you have it), you need to disable Sun Java. Even in these days, when the page lines are broken and the connection is very bad, it works very fast.

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To register, you send a message to 3370, you enter the game with the password that comes to you. A simple menu with links to transfer , fixtures, club information , points table appears. There are also buttons on the edge where we can set stat capacity and ticket prices. From the Transfer menu, you can see footballers for sale, you can make an offer to any footballer.

The heart of the game beats in the squad section. Here we can determine our staff , our tactics. Make ourselves a training program and how to play our team (aggressive, defensive, counter-attack …) we can tell.

Players ‘ abilities were collected under the headings anger, endurance, goalkeeping, finishing, speed , steals , passes, ball control and evaluated over twenty. The biggest problem is the names, the names are a little different because of the copyright , the former sensible players are used to it anyway.

No one expects graphics from him because it’s a pure manager’s game. If you are persistent (you do not have to be at the computer as soon as the match is played, it happens spontaneously, it informs you of the result by sms. ) you can watch the match with a simple animation. Even small changes in your decisions can affect results. In order to be successful in the game, you need to constantly follow the game because the opponents never stand empty.

Programmer N. I recommend that you try the game once written and developed by Özgür Soner. To play the game just enter a , here you are waiting for tips about the game, a forum called manager’s coffee and more.

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