Flower, Sun, and Rain

Flower Sun and Rain

Flower, Sun, and Rain is an undertaking game created by Grasshopper Manufacture for the PlayStation 2.

It was at first distributed by Victor Interactive Software in Japan in 2001. A port for the Nintendo (DS) was created by h.a.n.d. under oversight by Grasshopper Manufacture. It was distributed by Marvelous Entertainment in Japan (2008), Rising Star Games in Europe (2008), and Xseed Games in North America (2009).

Flower, Sun, and Rain is set on the Micronesian island resort of Lospass, and is inexactly associated with the occasions of The Silver Case. The story follows Sumio Mondo, a “searcher” who gets by searching for things individuals have lost. Mondo is at first contracted to disarm an explosive planted on a plane, yet is so occupied with aiding the islanders that the bomb goes off. He winds up trapped in a timeloop, where he remembers that very day approaching the blast. Ongoing interaction centers around Mondo investigating the island, tackling mathematical riddles with the assistance of his PC “Catherine” to take care of individuals’ issues on Lospass.

Flower, Sun, and Rain was imagined, coordinated, planned and co-composed by studio originator Goichi Suda. Creation started in 1999 after the arrival of The Silver Case, the studio’s introduction title. Numerous staff from The Silver Case returned, including co-author Masashi Ooka and character fashioner Takashi Miyamoto. Returning arranger Masafumi Takada co-composed the score with Shingo Yasumoto. The PS2 variant stayed selective to Japan, while the DS adaptation got a global delivery. The first form was decidedly audited, however the DS discharge got blended to negative surveys from pundits.


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