Flow Review


It is a different production Flow that has previously appeared on different platforms, but is playable for the first time on Playstation Portable. The words that best describe him will probably be plain, simple and calm. It can even be said that it is a game that can be played with the aim of resting and relaxing the head more.

Flow, as I mentioned, was a game that appeared on many platforms. But PlayStation 3 was the first medium to reveal it and draw attention to it. Because it had a downloadable structure. As with ps3, the PSP version of Flow, which comes as a download on PSP, has the same content as the PS3 version and doesn’t add anything new. However, if you have not played the game before, perhaps the best point to start the PSP. The production, which has a fairly simple gameplay, focuses more on impressive visuals. In a production where we play a living organism, our goal is to survive and thrive by eating other life forms. And we live in the water, where we look from a view point of view from the hill. Water consists of different layers, and we can move up and down between these layers. As the safe waters lay above, the dark side of the sea begins to appear as it descends. First, we try to thrive by wandering around the top layers, consuming plenty of plankton. However, you are free to go down to deeper layers, where there are creatures that can defend themselves or even attack you.

Sea, sand, sun…

Some organisms that you eat allow you to develop, evolve, while some creatures also benefit in improving your health. However, it is possible to get the impression that you are fighting “Boss” battles with predatory creatures from time to time. However, dying in flow is not out of the question. Because when your health level falls below a certain degree, you are automatically removed to parts closer to the surface, safe layers. Each episode contains a final egg at the end, and if it is defeated, the episode is considered finished. But in order to eat the egg, our living thing must be sufficiently developed. Each eaten egg returns with it in the form of opening one of 5 different locked living creatures in total and being playable. Creatures are mostly made up of creatures such as jellyfish, eels, which are unclear. In addition, each creature has different abilities, such as sudden acceleration, temporary invisible.

Waters with narrower space than the PS3 version can be perceived as somewhat restricted in terms of circulating space. But this comes back to us in the form of easier discovery of special creatures used to dive deep and climb up in layers of water. However, the production ends in less time than the PS3 version, after about 3 hours of play.

Flow also has Multiplayer support, which is not very necessary, except for Single Player. Lag problem can be observed in sections that can be played for up to 4 people via Ad-Hoc mode. Visually, the construction is very successful, three-dimensional in terms of graphics and does not have perfect coatings. Because the beauty in visuals is due to the fact that it contains impressive and pleasant effects. In this regard, it can be said that it has more effects-based content than graphics. Thanks to the production, which has relaxing and fairly calm music in terms of sounds, it can also be said that more meditation is performed throughout the game. Flow is a platform where PSP would be a good choice to start with if you haven’t played it before. Even if you’ve played before, it doesn’t contain anything new that will require you to play again.

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