Final Fantasy: War Of The Lions Review

Final Fantasy: War Of The Lions

Final Fantasy is a game of players who have established a throne in the hearts of those who love the genre, connect the actors of the production to the screen for a long time, console themselves by thinking that when the end is reached, the continuation will be acquired without too much time. Releasing a game that has become a phenomenon in different genres is risky business. Because the potential to disappoint the fan base is higher, it is not a very preferred way by companies. But the makers of Final Fantasy have also moved the game to the PS platform in the tactical strategy genre, proving that this will not always be true. The company is now taking another step and offering its construction to our liking on the PSP platform.

Final Fantasy enjoyment on PSP

FF in the style of tactical strategy, we all knew that the turn-based combat system, which is already a normal game, was suitable for this. My construction is accompanied by a very understandable and brilliantly created system. Attacks, defenses, how carefully you must choose spells, you soon learn at the end of a few battles. A wide gameplay has been created with dozens of characters that can be played, as many professions as the world, personal options, indispensable spells that open as you progress. As some companies do, one-to-one transfer from Ps to PSP has also been avoided. Making it comes with different animations, Dec videos, new character classes and 2-player Multiplayer support. So you have the opportunity to play character party battles and Scenario Mode with a different friend who has the structure.

I have to point out that it may not appeal to players who get bored quickly. Because the logic of playing by thinking outweighs the fast gameplay. When you start the game, you need to understand the logic of tactical strategy, you need to understand what moves battles can be advantageous to the opponent. In this regard, it is likely that you will have difficulty at first. Accordingly, players who get bored quickly may not enjoy the production, but if you are stubborn and give them a little chance, you can get used to the unique system of Final Fatasy tactics and start having fun.


It can be said that the new videos added are quite good. Although it does not visually push the boundaries of PSP, the graphics are pleasant to the eye. Although the character modeling is small, they have not lost anything of their cuteness. Magic effects, as can be expected from Final Fantasy, are included in the production in its usual glory. In terms of overall gameplay, the producers are not falling below what they expected, perhaps bringing to life one of the most addictive games released in a long time. Final Fantasy Tactics is a game that you can get used to the combat system, a game that you can’t let go of for long if you get caught up in its story.

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