Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, released last year and highly praised by me, is back with a Playstation 5 update, a DLC pack with brand new characters, and new add-ons to the game. How good is the new adventure that Yuffie and I are dating, what will those who have previously played the Playstation 4 version find in the new version, will our hunger for materia end, I will try to give the answer to such questions in our review.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is actually a package with two different content. The package includes an updated visual and content version of the Final Fantasy 7 remake released for Playstation 4 and a DLC package called INTERmission with a completely original story. I’ve written a lot about the story and content of the main game, so we’ll only talk about the INTERmission package in the story section.

INTERmission includes our team member, Yuffie Kisaragi, who will normally appear later in the game. Yuffie is an elite ninja from the Wutai who works with the Avalanche team who wants to save Midgar from the Shinra company. As Yuffie, our goal is to capture a very powerful material that Shinra produces in the facilities. At Midgar, we meet Sonon from Wutai, like us, and begin a mission to infiltrate the Shinra facilities with the help of avalanche members.

White Rose Of Wutai Yuffie

INTERmission has an average of 5 hours of story, consisting of two parts. In a story that develops parallel to when we blow up the second reactor in the main game, we get a chance to see what happens in the background during what we do. A good job for a whole new story. We see the side characters in the main game, get more involved with the Deepground team that is included in the main story with the FF7 Remake.

I didn’t like the Sonon character who came to us when INTERmission was first introduced. During our fight against Shinra, who we met in the game, that changed my mind. Sonon, who is older than Yuffie, sees him as above himself and offers an ideal Big Brother figure. Although the DLC package is short, I liked that it was such a properly written character. Some players may not like the overly cheerful and energetic mood of the character Yuffie. INTERmission is set in a slightly more energetic, non-serious mood than the main story. I don’t think it’s a minus, but those who hang out will definitely be. In the story, there are also names that players who play Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core will recognize. There will certainly be some questions about the story in your mind when the DLC ends.

Finally, the new music is just as great as the original game. I was afraid they would remix and use old music, fortunately they didn’t make such a mistake.

Let’s Incorporate Ninja Techniques Into The Battle

Each character in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake had a different fighting style, and INTERmission successfully retained this feature. We only have two characters, and we can’t control one of them in any way. So how affected are the fights?

Our main character, Yuffie, is a ninja with both near and far fighting abilities. Given that we can’t directly control our teammate Sonon, this was a very logical choice. We can launch our giant ninja Star (shuriken) at the enemy and make elemental attacks, or we can jump after him and finish him off with melee. Also, just like in the Remake version, we can fill in the ATB bar and use our abilities, where there are a lot of options, from adding element attacks to the weapon to stealing the enemy’s belongings. And then there are the” synergy ” attacks, I’ll tell you about it later.

I said We can’t control Sonon, but we still have the options of character development, editing equipment and using special abilities, as in the remake. During the fight, we can allow Sonon to continue the attack or perform various spells with commands that we can give when the ATB bar is full. Sonon also rushes to his aid while Yuffie is damaged during the fight, just as an older brother would. He pulls ahead of attacks that can cause high damage, throws himself forward when the enemy catches us, even if our health goes down to zero, he sacrifices himself and allows us to come back to life. This last feature is good, but it annoyed me in some fights that Sonon, both the ATB bar and the “Revive” material, sacrificed himself and put both my characters in critical condition.However, the combat system is beautifully installed. He plays with pleasure.

Let’s also talk about the synergy system. Yuffie and Sonon normally fight on their own and are able to choose different targets. “Synergized”, activated by the L2 Key, allows the duo to somehow attack the cord on a single target. All our attacks are happening in sync with Sonon, not alone, but with Sonon. In fact, if we have the right materia, we even have an attack that we can launch at the enemy with Sonon’s stick. We can think,” if it’s so effective, let’s keep it open all the time, ” but during these attacks, Sonon can take a lot of damage, so it’s worth using it tactically.

Along with INTERmission, we also get the chance to play a new mini-game. In a mini-game called Fort Condor, we place tiny Shinra units on the playing field and try to destroy the opposing side’s base. It is possible to gather different units and professions and develop different tactics. And if you beat the best of Midgar, it has materia on the tip. A nice mini-game that allows us to interact a little more with the side characters in the main story.

Another side event in the game is collecting happy Turtle ads. You’re trying to get into various regions and find distributed ads. It’s on signs, in an abandoned factory, next to a dog with an annoying sleeping pattern or something like that. As a side content, there is not much, but when you think about the duration of the package, it is quite enough.

Cloud Finally Built The Door

So far, we have talked about what comes with the INTERmission DLC package. Let’s talk about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade update. The game features visual enhancements, new things to access, and a photo mode! It’s finally here!

Intergrade, the next-generation update of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, has made several improvements to the game’s already impressive visuals. The Playstation 5 comes with two different mode choices. Those who want to witness the best of the visuals have the option to play at 30 FPS in 4K resolution. In performance mode, which supports 60 FPS, it is possible to play at 1600p resolution without compromising the visuals too much. The quality of coverage in the game has also improved visibly. According to the Playstation 4, the game, which did a good job, was the subject of various jokes with its poor coverage in some areas. Cloud’s low-resolution gate has put an end to the jokes swirling around the internet. Due to the lack of Playstation systems, problems such as signs and characters that suddenly appeared and appeared not rendered for a short time also disappeared. Even the sky looks better.(Or, say, signs replacing the sky) sometimes it is still possible to come across some bad coverings, but there is a big improvement throughout the game.

As someone who played the Playstation 4 version, what caught my attention most was the loading times. Thanks to the possibilities of the new system, it becomes much more enjoyable to play the game. Better fog-light effects, faster load times(in seconds) and great visuals. It was a pretty good reason to start the game over on the Playstation 5 console. (I had no choice, since the game did not stubbornly move my save files anyway)

When I was playing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I kept thinking, “What a good thing if there was a photo mode here.” Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade this request has been accepted and there is a photo mode within the game that we can easily reach. We have 4K resolution to take very beautiful pictures. Although I’m a little annoyed that we can’t move the camera around the area the way we want. It’s constantly locked in a spot and allows us to take photos around that area. I don’t understand why they didn’t do it a little more freely.A new challenge has been added to the game with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. The new boss fight, which we can complete the INTERmission package and reach at the Hard difficulty level, allows us to fight Weiss, one of the members of Deepground, where we first met FF/: Dirge of Cerberus. I haven’t been able to challenge Weiss (yet), who is only within reach at the Hard difficulty level, but it’s not hard to guess that he’s much stronger than Nero, another member. It’s definitely going to be a fight where you have to use all your skills.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade may seem like an unnecessary update to the game that debuted on the Playstation 4 console a year ago, but it’s a good example of how effective the generation difference is. Both the improvements added to the main game and a short but satisfying adventure that we can play with Yuffie are waiting for us.

You have two different options for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. If you have purchased the Playstation 4 version, you can have the improved Playstation 5 version for free. When you buy this way, you need to buy intermission, Yuffie’s DLC pack, separately. If you have not previously purchased a Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or if you have a free version provided with PS Plus, you must purchase the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade version separately. You can buy and start playing the version that has both the main game and the INTERmission DLC pack at once.

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