Fight Night Round 3 Review

Fight Night Round 3

Developed by EA Chicago studios, Fight Night Round 3 comes with exclusive content for the PSP. Although the production was released from PlayStation 2, it can also be summarized as a compilation, in which the good aspects of the Round 2 and Round 3 versions are collected. With a lot of content not available in the console version, the game does well, except for some of the disadvantages that portability brings.

First, we see the Play Now option in the menu. In this mode, famous boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, Jake LaMotta, Joe Frazie face off in different rings that can be selected. It’s a nice detail to be able to play with the doyens of boxing. Everything from the characters coming to the ring and the bell ringing was done exactly the same as the truth. Watching shows, boxers coming into the ring, a total of a few minutes before the game is spent watching the match before the game unless you interfere. At first, when watching these scenes, your hand immediately shifts to the Start button.


If you want to create your own boxer, this time we’re going into Career Mode. We start our career from scratch by creating a zero-mile boxer. After creating your character, which you can play from skin color to head structure, except for basic features such as weight, novelization, we start to enter the ring with an amateur degree. Matches are at a lower level because of our rating, and as a result, the money earned is more limited. However, he doesn’t stay at this point for too long and we start to step into professionalism by trying our chances after a few games.

Unlike the PSP version, our class has a degree system. You have to gradually rise from the Fifty boxers and settle for first place. Other than that, you can do it in Career Mode. Once the contract is done, you can hire a coach and assistant, specify details such as an entrance show to the ring. But unfortunately, there are no mini-games in the production that include the work that we can do with our coach. Apart from training, there is also interesting content to keep our boxer fit in the ring. Pre-match content includes options such as buying entrance music, setting off fireworks, playing girls in bikinis. Each item purchased has an effect on your fitness during the match in direct proportion to its price.

In Rival Challenges mode, we briefly rewrite history. Re-play the great encounters that have been made, or rewrite history in this mode is in your hands. In order to play Multiplayer games via Ad-hoc mode, you need an EA account. Let’s note that you can open a free account in exchange for receiving news emails. However, online games are often problematic. Lag, that is, the problem of hanging out and freezing often kills online playability. In terms of controls, the PSP has a single analog lever, so there are differences compared to other consoles. It performs actions with the D-Pad while executing the character with the Analog arm, and we can take cover with the right shoulder key.

Average in terms of graphics, the production does a successful job in character modeling and animation. In the production, which is also average in terms of sounds and music, more Hip-hop style music was preferred. In general, Fight Night Round 3 is a different sports game, with Plus features from other consoles. Opportunity for genre lovers.

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