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FIFA Street

EA Sports Big’s Street Sports Caravan has now joined a football game, FIFA Street. As with all other “street” games, a game full of Super Moves is waiting for us. FIFA Street, with its players with mind-boggling body tricks and super ball handling, is re-establishing the rules for playing football on the street. So, how much can such beautiful movements be turned into reality in a space the size of a basketball court, with 4-on-4 teams, one of which is a goalkeeper, or how much can the level of entertainment increase?

Three corners one penalty

FIFA Street was a long-awaited game. When we saw Ronaldinho’s excellent plays in the videos we watched, Ronaldo’s great moves, we wanted to get back to the game as soon as possible and make those plays in person. EA Sport BIG, the producer who raised expectations quite high, gave us tips on the success of other “street” games, heralding that we would definitely encounter a beautiful game.

If we look at the “street” games that have been released before and have been met with really great interest, we see that each of them is far from realistic, but thus maximizes the boundaries of entertainment. A production that continues the same way on FIFA Street. So, we put aside realism and try to win matches with body swatches that offer only visual feasting. So does the game offer us the freedom we want?

Run the streets!

FIFA Street DVD’s first meeting with our console ends with a beautiful and human-like launch video. In this film, which is similar to the videos that have been shown for various reasons before, we are again watching Ronaldinho’s mind-boggling strutting movements, passing ourselves by. Don’t worry, we can do all these moves one-on-one on the field. After the video, as in all other “street” games, a simple and convenient menu structure welcomes us. Before we start a long-term football adventure with “Rule the street”, which is the main game, we can enter the training section to learn the rules and usage of the game. Here, a lot of movements that we can use in the game are shown by video, and frankly, it’s a good idea to save time. Everyone who has just started the game must watch. In a one-man game, we can make matches with teams consisting of the most important 4 players of countries, and if we want, we can make matches with Karmas created by players who have unheard of talent on the streets.

In the actual game, in” Rule the street ” mode, we try to match the streets with a team with limited abilities and an extremely amateur spirit, becoming the king of the streets, gaining respect at ever higher levels. Before we make the team selection, we need to create a character as captain. First of all, after deciding on the face of our character, the body structure, we distribute talent points that are really important and we can’t make significant interventions at this point in the game. At this point, when we are just starting the game, we only have 2000 talent points, and when we distribute them to our character, it is never enough for us to maximize their power. So first, we have to determine our character as a balanced player and distribute points at a more or less similar level to all abilities.

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When it comes to creating our character and building a team, we need to add a couple of players who, like us, have not been more famous in street football and are extremely talented. After adding enough players to your team, one of them being a goalkeeper, we can now start our long journey. From here on, we have to constantly match new teams, as we gain experience, we have to transfer talent points to our character to make him a more successful footballer. On the one hand, we have to draw the respect of our team to the top spots with the wins we will get.

Give a real wall pass!

As for our game, the main thing is the on-field system. First of all, FIFA Street is a game in which a group of players who have come together for entertainment, far from realism, meet the need to win matches with artistic movements. So, just like in the NBA Street game, as soon as we win the ball, we have to make strutting and similar artistic moves. Matches are arranged so that whoever finds the number 5 wins and there are no time restrictions. You can continue the match in 5 minutes or until you get bored and turn off the console. The control system is made with the left analog lever, as in the EA SPORTS FIFA series, while we can make amazing strutting movements with the right analog lever or the “Y” key. In addition to passing from the ground, passing from the air and shooting keys, we run our character with the right trigger key, and we can also make different aesthetic movements with the left trigger key. After a few games, we get used to back-to-back strutting movements that are quite difficult from the start, and we start creating images that are worth watching. In addition, with normal control keys, we can make moves that humiliate and therefore annoy the opposite player, and we can earn more points.

Our basketball court – sized playground is surrounded by boards. That means there’s never a ball system in the game that leaves the field. Forget the concepts of Crown, aut and offside. The second feature is that there is no such thing as a foul in the game. In other words, when the opposing team player is running towards your goal alone, you can intervene by sliding behind him, dig the ball quite hard. Don’t be surprised if the same happens to you.

The shot system on FIFA Street is also quite interesting. When we have the ball and move to the opposite area, we see the castle symbol and a red ball symbol at the bottom of the screen. As we control our player, according to the direction of view, this red ball moves inside the goal and represents where we will send the ball. In short, when we’re going to shoot, we have to choose the direction in which we’re going to send the ball and push the analog lever in that direction. This system, which initially seemed quite strange, is getting used to over time.

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As with other “street” games, FIFA Street used the GameBreaker system. As we do aesthetic moves in a row, we get the right to hit the GameBreaker once the skill bar is complete. This shot technique, which allows you to enter 80% of the shot you throw, actually does not have a significant effect, except to earn plenty of points. Because in NBA Street, regular shots were replaced by a number, while with the GameBreaker, both we were scoring and the number was reduced from the opposite team. There is no such situation on FIFA Street. In other words, no matter how aesthetic you hit, you always win 1 goal.

AAAA … Beckham’s in our neighborhood!

If we evaluate FIFA Street graphically, we can see that character modeling and animation are basically quite successful. I mean, famous footballers are really like themselves, and the special moves that every player makes are also extremely beautiful. But there is a problem that especially affects playability; animation errors. You scored a really nice goal for yourself by throwing back-to-back runs and making the last shot of great beauty. You want to look forward to the replay. As you watch the slow motion replay of the goal, you will encounter so many strange animation errors that you will be really upset. Elements of players such as strutting, shooting have been shown to be very realistic, but the movement of the ball is so unreal that sometimes the footballer is 30 cm. the ball standing next to him is beamed onto his foot in an instant when he shoots. Such mistakes are not noticeable in the game, but they sink into the eyes of a person, especially in replays of goals.

The game’s sound system is similar to NBA Street Vol.In the style used in 3. We play football on the street with music, listen to the course of the match with a DJ-style announcer. The sounds between the players and the effect of the ball are very successful. However, it is impossible to use the word perfect for their sound and music.

FIFA Street does not seem to have met all of the Great Expectations It has created. The amazing aesthetic movements it offers have a system that restricts the player too much despite the visual show and forces him to make the same movements all the time. When EA Sports is an important name in making sequel games, it will definitely make FIFA Street a sequel game and make the game system more efficient. If you like to be able to make aesthetic movements that you can’t see on the fields, be sure to take this game. But don’t expect as much high-dose entertainment as NBA Street.



Excellent aesthetic movements. Successful character modeling.

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