Fifa Football 2003 Review

Fifa Football 2003

The first word that comes to my mind when it comes to Fifa is brand. When I think about it a little more, I make sure that FIFA is really a brand. I think the biggest factor in coming to this conclusion is that FIFA’s name from other Pc games, that is, its brand, is very comfortable to sell and make it very comfortable when done. By comfortable, I mean that there are no competitors, and now this word is a brand, and I mean that it is sold one way or another. Looking at earlier versions, the most drastic change was made in 2003. Aside from the graphics engine, which changes every year, the main important considerations, such as gameplay, playability, have undergone many changes this year. So, are these in the good direction or in the bad direction?

I can’t figure out why the game came out with 2 CDs

First, Fifa fans experienced the first dumuru game as 2CD. No football game has ever been 2Cd before. Of course, this direct brings to mind that the game has really come a long way. First, I have to say that I didn’t see much difference between the full version and the demo. Because of this, I have not been able to solve why the game came out of 2Cd. If we go into a little detail, there are 13 leagues in the game this year that do not have the Turkish league as usual. I said complete change at the beginning of the article. We can start this change directly from the opening intros and new menus. Actually, I didn’t find it very useful. Anyway. Teams have been given more care than before. You can choose their jerseys before the games. The same attention has been paid to stadiums. Their capacity and years of construction have been detailed. The most pleasing feature is that important positions are shown again at half-time and at the end of the match. It was something that should have been added earlier, but it was forgotten. Another point that caught my attention was the offside positions. Now, when it’s offside, it’s shown again, and a virtual line is drawn on the field, and we have the opportunity to see the situation more easily. The same event also shows the distance of the ball to the goal during a free kick. Even the same system reflects the emblems of the teams on the field when the match starts. Even the same system.

This time, it is really possible to get up to counterattack and catch the opponent off guard

We continue to make changes. Do not try to run with the “W” key in the game anymore that key does not gas football players. It’s hard to get used to the game, with the Settings never touched. After all, there is a system that has been customary for many years. Now we throw passes with the” W ” key to taste the decal pass. Of course, speed is up to you. Running is loaded with the” E ” button. There’s a novelty here, too. We used to have to press the button over and over again to get the footballers running. And now, when you hold it down, they’re always running. With the “Space” button, you are dripling, so you are playing, etc. as. It’s not as easy as it used to be to strut alone. You have to set the right time very well so that you can beat your opponent. We used to fill up the shot bar and leave it like this. And now, when you hold it down, the footballer sews the ball into the air. In this regard, the game has escaped a little simulation. But it’s better. Because shooting from a distance and the chances of that shot going in have increased. There are also changes to the Pas system. By pressing the “S” button directly, you can now pass to your feet without filling the bar. This gave the game the advantage of more serial play. In the old days, trying to counterattack was just talk. This time, it is really possible to get up and catch the opponent off guard. Artificial intelligence has also done better this year.

Shows the pitches and it’s satisfying

Of course, the graphics of Fifa 2003, a brand new version that changed everything, also skipped the era. Although the game has a new graphics engine every year, but let it be. He’s a little pale this year. Spectators who are obsessed with Ea Sports are as sloppy as ever. They’re laid out like puppets, waving flags or something. I didn’t notice much improvement in footballer modeling compared to before. I’d say almost the same. The pitches and the shows were satisfying this time. Especially for each field, the careful work is immediately obvious. As with most 2003 games, the music is displayed in small windows. Which Singer, which song, which album All write. A lot of choices have been made in song selections. There are songs that you listen to these days that everyone loves. For example, at the first entrance, I was stunned to hear Avril Lavigne’s mixed song Complicated. And our announcer is as talkative as ever. Compared to the old series, it has no innovation other than a few hundred extra words.

Final words :

Fifa has really become a brand now. And producers who know it try new things every year. This year, they’ve made a whole new Fifa from head to toe, from their graphics to their gameplay. However, there are many things that can not be forgotten or improved because they make the game directly within 1 year, and unfortunately they do not return. The most important of these is gameplay. What needs to be done is to make FIFA more realistic. But I think this work is incomplete. The game is more like the football games we play in arcade games. So it stopped being a simulation and shifted to arcade. Of course, however, most things have changed. It doesn’t take a long time to get used to it, but personally I didn’t get the taste I got from Fifa 2003 to the 2002 World Cup.

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