FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Startup

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FIFA’s most popular mode returns in new ways to build your dream squad with superstars of the past and present in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Here are some tips to make the best start to FUT 21, whether you’re an experienced player or a player playing his first season.

Squad Formation

Building your dream cast is the foundation for starting FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT has thousands of player elements to build your team and different player categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and silver based on their ratings and rarities within the game.

One of the important elements to consider when setting up your staff is chemistry. You build connections in your team by placing players from the same club, league or nationality side by side.

As the number of matching elements increases, the chemistry connection strengthens and the qualities of your players are improved. You can check out the effect of chemistry on your players ‘ stats from the squad screen. Players with 10 chemistry have the highest possible qualification developer. Players with 0 chemistry perform at the most basic level.

Add innovation to the way you connect players by changing the line-up, coach, player positions and more, and bring your squad to the perfect 100 chemistry value.

Award Winning – FIFA 21

fıfa 21 ultimate team

You can earn rewards such as tokens, bundles, Players, Stadium items, and much more by playing matches, completing missions, or completing Squad Building tasks.

A key element of FUT, tokens enhance your journey to victory by enabling you to buy packages or recruit new players to your squad from the Transfer market.

In FUT, you earn coins by playing matches, completing missions, selling or disposing of saleable players and club items that you do not want.

Follow new missions and earn rewards to keep your squad fresh and competitive all season long by making weekly progress on the Squad Battles, Division Rivals and FUT Champions leaderboards.

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Transfer Market – FIFA 21

Exploring the Transfer market when you earn tokens will help you find players and items that will take your squad to the top level.

The Transfer market is where all players sell players and items they don’t want for tokens. You can use this place to look for players who will improve your team. From the transfers tab, go to the Transfer market, using filters such as nationality, rarity, maximum price, position, or select a specific player and press search to find players that match your criteria.

You can bid for players at the auction where the highest bidder wins the item, or you can get your new Star instantly using the Buy Now feature. Don’t forget to research in this market, where other players also sell their items to get the most out of your tokens.

Find the match that suits you – FIFA 21

fıfa 21

When you’re ready to take your team out on the field, FUT offers you a variety of ways to play and opponents so you can find the right game mode for yourself:

  • Play alone: in Squad Battles, you will play against AI-controlled teams of players in the FUT community, and with each result, you will climb the weekly leaderboards. Test your skills against FUT squads of Professional Footballers, FIFA players and celebrities in Squad Battle, which is featured every week. You can also experiment by shaping and organizing your team in the new live football friendlies with squad rules and special rules that offer limited-time matches that change as the season progresses.
  • Play together: team up with friends in FUT friendships to challenge each other or the FUT community in various modes, such as special rules. Or try to open up better rewards in Squad Battles and Division rivals by collaborating on FUT partner.
  • Play with the world: fight for your weekly prize picks by playing online in Division Rivals, where you will encounter players of a skill level close to yourself. With every win in Division Rivals, you’ll be one step closer to a top tier and a Weekend League.
  • Play with the best: fight against the best to claim the title of best player in FUT every weekend in the FUT Champions Weekend League. Challenge the best FUT players in the world and fight for the best rewards in FUT.
  • Play Draft: choose a squad of 23 players who also offer the chance to play with the best players in the game, and win four games in a row against other Draft squads to win big prizes.
    The Club Customization
    FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to customize and personalize your club the way you want.
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Go to match day on my stadium screen and select any jersey, crest and ball you get from packages, missions or Transfer market and determine your team’s appearance on the field.

FUT Stadium in FUT 21 is your inner pitch, where you can visually customize and create an atmosphere that intimidates your opponents. Choose choreographies, Stadium banners, seat colors, field trophies and more; choose your club’s anthem, mass anthems, goal music and goal joy; finally choose flame demonstrations and create a unique stadium for your team.


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