Fifa 2002: Road To World Cup Review

Fifa 2002: Road To World Cup

I had that feeling again. In version 98 of the Fifa series. His version of the World Cup came out, too. And he fascinated me. But this time I’m having a much different feeling together.

Fifa 98: when the Road To World Cup came out, we saw that the football games we have played so far are just a fasa fiso. EA Sports must have made this a rule, which has added the same development in this game. The most important detail I saw in Fifa 2002 was that the game, although graphically developed below my expectations, was an indication that it was entering a new path. At the Road To World Cup, I saw them go off the road. Let me immediately point out that this game has the distinction of being the only official Game of the 2002 Fifa World Cup. Of course, in this case, the game does not come out only for PC or PSX. It is released for PC, Playstation, Playstation 2, X-Box and GameCube.

I’ll get right to the first topic that many of you are curious about. The graphics of the game… Even if the graphics engine of the game was not changed, I made modifications that gave me pretty good results. The faces and details of the players are closer to the truth. Maybe we can’t watch it like TV, but it can guarantee that it will be achieved in the next step.

As a matter of fact, if I say that the images in the audience were magnificent, this is the place. They reflect the stadium mood extremely successfully. In Fifa 2002, I was annoyed by the sheer amount of festivities on the hands of spectators. It made it hard for me to concentrate on the game. The road to World Cup has reduced the amount of flags. The scarcity of jerseys and flags worn by spectators is hardly noticeable.

Thanks to the AirPlay feature added to the game, the interaction of football players with the game is increased. Thanks to this feature, players work like chingaver to control the ball, whether on the ground or in the air. Although the key combination used was not very different, I was able to observe the player’s movements differently depending on the position.

One of the interesting features of the game is the asterisks that appear on players during the game. At first, I didn’t make sense of it. The more I played, the more I understood why. The game features the concept of” star player”. This sign comes out before getting the ball on each team’s favorite players. He gets stronger after he gets the ball. It shows that this footballer is a Star. These stars are usually found in strikers. I haven’t come across a lot of star players in midfield and defence.

When talking about the graphics of the game, you can’t go through without talking about the grandeur of the stadiums. I’m really jealous. Considering that the stadiums were made by being loyal to the stadiums in 9 Korean cities, we can really believe that Korea deserves this job with more. The stands are not only extremely large, but also resemble the harmony of a symphonic work in terms of design.I want to talk about a feature that I don’t know where to include, but that still affects me from the moment I first met it. It was the final minutes of the match. As Brazil, I was attacking Paraguay. The 2-2 draw was underway. Rivaldo, who grabbed the ball from the forwards of midfield, came towards the goal. As soon as he shot, what happened happened. The ball went to the goal, throwing flames behind him, and it was a goal. As the whole stadium stood up and applauded this goal, I was shocked by the flames coming out of the ball. It’s so vivid that this effect, I’m sure I’ll be looking for this feature even when I’m watching the game on TV. This flame effect doesn’t just come out on the shot ball. A similar effect occurs in a footballer who attacks the ball quickly.

The atmosphere of the game is one of the factors that affects me. As the footballers took to the pitch and the flashes that shimmered during the game made me feel like I was watching the match-playing in a real Stadium. Of course, I don’t need to mention that this is not the only factor. As I mentioned earlier, the great interaction of the audience, the players warming up on the edge of the field, the flashes of journalists exploding during the shot also play a pretty big role in creating this atmosphere. Especially after scoring a goal, the confetti that falls on your head makes you feel enthusiasm as if you scored that goal.

Besides the visuals, this game is also very appealing to your ears. After every goal scored, even at halftime, when you enter the field, the music of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra not only gives you goose bumps, but also reaches a level that will carry your national emotions like a hooligan.

In addition to the music, the conversations of the ball, spectators and stadium announcer, whether during the game or in between, have a serious impact on the flow of the game. As devastating as it is to hear the sound of the ball spinning from the pole, it was a feature that gave the game as much realism. At the same time, the fact that the audience is more or less dominant according to the amount of fans in the stadium is one of the best examples of how deep the atmosphere is. In between, some announcements are made in Korean from the stadium hoperlörler. This is another factor that creates the environment.

What about the servers? I don’t know if it’s necessary to mention that Andy Gray and John Motson are back on duty. After all, the sounds we’re used to are with us again.

Well, I don’t know if you want any more explanation anymore. Although there is a preliminary review article, we are one of the few Turks who play the full version of the game. But unfortunately, our readers have to wait until April 26 to be able to play this game. I think Wait.

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