Fantavision (Japanese: ファンタビジョン, Hepburn: Fantabijon) is a riddle computer game created and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment, which delivered as a dispatch title for the PlayStation 2 of every 2000.

It is an ongoing riddle computer game including firecrackers. It depends on fast tone coordinating and image acknowledgment abilities.

Fantavision initially began as a tech demo for the PlayStation 2, however it astounded numerous as it was delivered as a genuine game. At first, the game was delivered in Japan, just highlighting single-player mode. The American and European (and later the refreshed form delivered in Japan called Futari no Fantavision) arrivals of the game, which were dispatch titles, were delivered with two-player mode support. The game was additionally delivered for the PlayStation 4 through copying in December 2015.

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