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Fantastic Four

In these summer months, when the market stopped well, we attacked everything we saw. We’re even playing games with the taste of a journalist kid that we won’t even look at any other time. Fortunately, the cinema sector is very busy in the summer. Batman Begins, the soon-to-be-released War of the Worlds and Fantastic Four are a few of them. Especially this year, the producers, who come across a lot of transfers from the white screen, are also in such an attempt for the Fantastic Four. Let’s see what was the score?

Fantastic Four – It all started with an accident again…

Apart from the Fantastic Four comics, he was especially known for his cartoons in our country. As a result of an accident that happened to 4 friends doing Space Research, these people whose DNA structures changed decided to use their powers for good and called themselves the Fantastic Four with their number and abilities. His general structure and the meeting of his film with the white screen created all the conditions necessary for his play to be made.

They wash, they become invisible, they grow and they burn!

First of all, we haven’t had a chance to play co-Op on the computer in a long time. Playing a progressive game with my friend from the same keyboard is a different taste. Apart from this, it is now clear that the production companies have surpassed themselves in terms of video. No one’s done a bad job in quality. We play our game from the top. According to his mission, we walk alone or in groups, and it is possible to switch to a different hero whenever we want and control him. Apart from the health we have to pay attention to, there is a special power. This bar empties when we use special powers gained outside of Normal combat. As it fills itself, it increases when you kill enemies. In addition, enemies give you skill points, thanks to which we get new combos and special moves. In addition to constantly moving forward and beating someone up, the producers added small actions. For example, we can demolish a building when necessary, save someone who is falling. Of course, you need heroes who can do it, you know, they can all do it differently.

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Fantastic Four – Oh, these controls, Oh, these cameras

Some things in the game seem like they haven’t quite happened. For example, the character moves a little fast, most of the time because of this speed, we just run around. It also takes a while to get used to the controls. When you want to make a special move, locking the target to the enemy and holding down the special key and pressing the hit creates problems. Especially if you are playing with your friend, most of the time the motherboard “diirtt” he sounds a warning sound, because you press too many keys at the same time. Cameras are also trouble, especially when you play alone, you can’t see in front of you because you’re behind small pots or signs. You don’t have a chance to record in the episode, you just can do it at the end. Fortunately, the installation screens are very short.

I suddenly thought of Driv3r

I said that most producers have thoroughly developed this video event, unfortunately, these companies can not make much progress in the in-game graphics. The more quality the videos are, the worse it is inside. I would expect a much more colorful, detailed visual feast from those who engage in such work. There are mountains in visuals between this game and The Hulk, which are very close to each other in genre and gameplay. You know, I’d say most of the surrounding objects have graphics like wood, if they don’t break and fall. In such games, players look for fun and fluency. The producers must be aware of this that they have successfully completed the process. Music is not very dominant, it does its job quietly from the background during the action, which I like this style.

Final Words :

Although Fantastic Four is not very successful, it’s a game where you can play and have fun at home with your friend on these scorching summer days.

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Smooth playability, co-op capability, quality videos.

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