FA-18 Operation Desert Storm review

FA-18 Operation Desert Storm

Flight simulations are not very popular. Actually, the reason is obvious. On the one hand, you use dozens of keys, on the other hand, with the joystick or the arrow keys of your keyboard, you try to control your plane. As if that wasn’t enough, if you can’t hit your missiles at the target, that’s when it’s over. It is closed as soon as possible. And it’s not going to open for a long time again…

FA-18 Operation Desert Storm is a production that has yet to participate in flight simulations. After an introductory video created with images, we enter the menu. The game is dominated by a very stylishly designed interface. Wherever the mouse arrow is, the shadows on the menus extend to the other side. As if there was a light emanating from an arrow sign. I haven’t come across such a simple but stylish menu design in a long time.

A Supersonic AIM-120 AMRAAM? Or should I choose the MK-82?

After completing your settings in the Settings section, click on “missions”and move on to tasks. There are 40 episodes, all of which take place in the Middle East, where you can choose what you want. After making your choice, what weapons, etc.to your FA-18 Hornet… you choose to upload materials. This part of the production is very detailed. The weapons of your choice are presented in detail in the upper left corner. At the top right, you can see a picture of many of them. But it is important to remember that what matters is its function. According to the detailed information provided, we can find out how much explosives the weapons have, as well as their size. In fact, we have a lot of information, from what propulsion our missile has, to what kind of warhead it uses, to what speed it travels.

Using stations, you can load your weapons into any area of the plane. Of course, not every weapon is compatible with every region. Examine each of the 9 stations. Different missiles, etc… you’ll encounter weapons. If you don’t want to deal with all this, you can try the preset options using “Preset Load”. These have been given various names. The Anti-Tank must be the most interesting. If you choose, your plane is equipped with missiles called Maverick and Sidewinder. If you are going to use Preset load, make your selections according to your task, which you will soon start.

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Are you ready to fly?

When you click Next Begin mission, after a short load time, we start the game either at the airport, on the aircraft carrier, or in the skies. First, the game’s short downloads are very successful. If you can’t finish the chapter for any reason, you can start again in a very short time. This significantly prevents us from moving away from the atmosphere.

Let’s move on to the controls; as noticed on the Settings screen, we can only make the plane maneuver with the mouse, except for the joystick. In other words, you make all kinds of plane settings with the keyboard, but you need to maneuver either with the mouse or with the joystick. That means we can’t play the game just with the keyboard.

In Operation Desert Storm, we control one of the Coalition pilots and fly our FA-18 Hornet to neutralize Iraqi forces. But this situation is not so easy. Our game is a flight simulation. In this case, moving the plane is a separate problem, keeping it in the air is a separate problem. Pay particular attention to aircraft carriers. If you can’t make your departure in time, you have to be an aide to the denzials. Of course, the episode ends early for you.

If a siren begins to sound during the flight, the enemy is near you. As soon as you get hit, you can better understand the severity of the situation and hit the ground with the damage you receive. In some cases, you may even have to try to complete your mission with a single engine due to an attack that causes a malfunction in the aircraft’s engine. But one thing that caught my attention at this point was that the engine failure did not cause any difficulties in the plane’s controls.

We’re landing.

The graphics of the game look very nice, especially if you are in the sky, while the episode remains weak if you start from the airport. So, while the coatings are beautiful from afar, they remain quite weak when you approach them. The same applies to aircraft designs. Graphics that look deceptively good when you look at them from afar, you notice how little detail they contain when you approach them.

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A P3 1 GHz processor is sufficient as the system needs, while it is recommended that your RAM be 256. A 32 MB graphics card will work due to the general lack of detail of the graphics. Also, for those who are tired of episodes, the game comes with a section editor. If you want to create your tasks, here’s your chance. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…



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