F1 Grand Prix Review

F1 Grand Prix

Production is not a game that has just come to market; we can even say that it has been on sale for a long time. However, it is a good opportunity to showcase the F1 Grand Prix, especially for reasons such as the fact that games belonging to the PSP console do not come down easily from storefronts, the opportunity to compare them with games belonging to the same genre that will be released, fluff the excitement of F1 that we have just experienced.

Developed after Sony officially won the license for the F1 Grand Prix, the production features four main game modes. As expected, it is the World Championship, as usual, that leads them. After choosing a nation, a team and a driver, we try to reach first place by competing on different tracks of the world. After the Championship, the place where you will probably spend the most time will be the scenario mode. In Scenario Mode, we compete according to certain pre-prepared criteria, and as we win, we have the chance to play closed-order scenarios. In the main menu, there is another option that immediately attracts attention when we see it: TV Mode Race. If this option is entered, we choose a track, and the game creates a racing simulation here. The goal here is not to play, but to watch. Also, by switching to different camera angles and cameras of different racers with the triangle button, we are in a position as if we are watching the race on TV. It’s a good alternative when we get tired of playing and want to watch it alone.

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The Wi-Fi Multiplayer mode, which is absurd not to be on PSP, is also available in the production. Organizing races with friends who have their own UMD is quite fun. The construction includes a damage system. When vehicles hit each other or a wall, there is a warning message that they are damaged. But unfortunately, there are no visual changes or loss of performance that support this situation. There are different difficulty levels in the game, but levels other than “easy” are locked at first. The game already offers more arcade-style gameplay than simulation. That is, when you come to a sharp bend at a time when we are going full throttle, even at the last moment, braking can usually save you. For this reason, most players may enjoy playing at other difficulty levels. Because even at accidentally crossed turning points, the game automatically slows down the tool to interfere. It can often get annoying.

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In terms of graphics, the game reveals its brightest point here. Because environmental and vehicle modeling is very detailed and offers a good visual. A few words that can be criticized in favor of the charts may be that the lighting may be a little better and the tracks remain a little dark. However, although the runways are of sufficient length, they can be said to be a little narrow. In terms of Frame rate, it is quite satisfactory, except for the rare declines. Unfortunately, the success of the charts is unlikely to be seen in favor of the sounds. Apart from the engine sounds, which are not of very high quality, it is also evident that Sony is not attentive to music, only 6 tracks are in the production. The lack of any commentators in TV mode is also felt. In general, the F1 Grand Prix, unfortunately, cannot take the rope first. It can even be said that he is a genius in the middle of the ranking. However, it can be tried after the past days when the excitement of F1 has been ignited.


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