F1 Championship Season 2000 Review

f1 championship season 2000

Take a deep breath and relax. Because now we are in the legendary cabins of Formula 1 cars! I’m saying We’re in position, because if you get a little closer to the TV, you can really feel yourself in those monster cars. All cars and tracks from the 2000 season are available in the game. Ferraris, McLarens, service personnel, even birds flying in the air have not been forgotten. As you race in Monaco (which the track does exist in a one-on-one game) you will witness the beauty of the city. Be careful, don’t fly on expensive boats, each one on your left side, on the coastline at the exit of the tunnel!

Fast and realistic!

The speed that can be felt in other racing games is more than present in this game. But do not think that you can exit the bend that you entered with 250 Km/h intact. Because a real driving simulation was applied in the game. If you’re off the line, the brakes can’t save you. For each runway, the pilot you choose makes the best timing of that runway as a demo. By following the car from any angle, you can understand the logic of the game. I’m not going to teach you how to play, but I have to give you a warning or two in terms of improving playability. Bends must be turned from the outside to the inside. If you take it from the inside and try to shorten the road, you will find yourself outside the track. Unlike other games, in F1, you have to catch a straight line and adjust your speed to best suit the road. Remember that because the characteristics of the cars are so close to each other, the winner will be the best driver. Before the race, you will be greeted by a 1-hour ranking round. Whether it’s 12 laps or 1 hour of real time, try to catch the pole position by following the other pilots. Within 1 hour, you can change your car’s settings, sweat to start the race higher. I can offer you Spain to start with. Another thing to note is the speed limit at pit stops, which is very important. Also pay attention to the flags. When the yellow flag is waving, you cannot switch. Or there are Stop-Go penalties.

From Game Modes to multiplayer, you can compete with up to four players on split Screen using multitasking(PS2) support. Or you can also compete against time in time Challenge races for up to 22 players…

If You Look Carefully, You Can See The Grass Sticking To The Tire!

Let’s move on to the graphics; have you ever watched F1 races on TV? If your answer is yes, you will see that EA Sports ‘ programmers literally reflect this into the virtual environment. Can the color of asvalt be so the same, I give up!.. Even so much so that if you drive your car on the grass, you can see the grass sticking to the tires.

In addition, using the Motion Capture feature, the movements of the 22-person Benetton team, which holds the Formula One-Pit Stop World Championship title, are transferred to the game in a very realistic way. Replays of the game were prepared by award-winning Formula One director Keith Mckenzie.

The sound effects of the vehicles in the game are also quite well reflected in the game. And by doing the narration, ITV’s Jim Rosenthal manages to get you into that magnificent mood of F1 racing. The controls are also made very realistic, as they should be in a full Formula game. Although it was a little difficult at first, later you become skilled at controlling the vehicles. The real excitement of racing comes when you play the game by following all the FIA’s F1 rules. In this way, the various Pit Stop strategies that you will determine in the races also become very important to be first. As a result, if you are a PlayStation 2 owner and F1 fan, run and get the game right away. You will never regret it not…

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