F1 2002 Review

f1 2002

As is known, the F1 game, which included the 2002 season of EA Sports, was released simultaneously on PC and PS2. EA Sports released its latest F1 game last fall. He also launched the new F1 game with the resumption of the season. Every new F1 game the company releases, it makes a certain stage. The latest version of the game was also a very successful racing simulation.

The game features the latest Formula 1 roster. Pilots and cars are one-on-one with the truth. All the companies have been licensed. That made a huge contribution to the game. Getting licenses really makes people feel like they’re in an F1 race. Of course, it’s not just that the game has the original rights that make it feel like it. F1 2002 also has graphics and sound effects that are quite good. We will address these later in the article.

As usual, there are 11 vehicles in the game. In proportion to this, there are 22 pilots. During the races, your team members co-pilot you with a radio connection, as in reality. They tell you what to do by warning you when you come to the corners. Also, the automatic brake system in the game is not forgotten. In this way, you are prevented from flying when you take turns. As in F1 season 2000 and F1 2001, all kinds of details were considered again. Everything from girls standing in front of cars before the race starts to speed limits at pit-stops is in play. Also, it’s pretty good that your car is slowly falling apart as a result of your accidents. In this way, if you are careful, you can exclude many racing cars from the race. But you have to be careful, because you may find yourself out of the race at any moment.

The graphics are very good again…

The graphics of the game are really excellent. Everything is done in detail. The glare of a wet track when it rains, the flags in the hands of spectators in the grandstand, the magnificent camera angles, the designs of the tracks and cars are an indicator of how beautiful the graphics are. For example, in rainy weather, the race begins, and gradually the rain leaves its place in the sun, and the track gradually begins to dry out. In short, the game’s graphics are excellent. And the sound effects don’t stay below the graphics. It’s really great to hear the screams of the audience as they pass in front of the audience at full speed. Or the sound that comes out as you push your engine to the end literally gasses you. The sounds that tires make when they pass through the water in rainy weather, or the effects of the moment of an accident when you hit them, are very realistic.

There are also various modes in the game. Among these modes, the most notable are Challenge Mode and team Duel. In Challenge Mode, you can make a team a champion or 2 in the brands classification. you’re being asked to make sure it happens. In short, we can call it a fashion campaign. Because it has various requests. In Team duel, you compete as a team. By helping your own teammate, you can make your team a champion. In addition, EA Sport has put another part in this game called card. As long as you get certain achievements with the car you are racing, these cards are opened one by one. On the cards, there are various images (just like in FIFA 2002). There is also a Multiplayer mode in the game. Thanks to this mode, you can fight your friend.

The controls of the game are quite convenient and convenient. It may take you a while to get used to the first game, but then you realize that the controls are really comfortable. It is extremely simple to control your car, whether with Analog sticks or direction keys. But driving your car on a slippery road with Analog sticks can be quite advantageous. A game that will really sound like medicine for Formula 1 patients F1 2002. I suggest that you take and play this game, which stands out from the F1 games with its authenticity and realism.

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