F.E.A.R: Extraction Point Review

F.E.A.R: Extraction Point

Sometimes some bands can change their musical style. Fans of the band are directly bored with the new version and listen to old albums. In fact, they are rightfully deceiving and questioning their new state. But a change in style can also sometimes hold. It is really difficult as a decision and as an application. In the game world, some firms are also good in one genre, but other genres can also fail. For example, Raven, Valve, Id Software, Monolith are masters of the FPS genre. They can’t do a bad project. Relic is also great at Strategy. Last time with company of Heroes, we saw what they did. TimeGate Studios is a company that has already made a strategy and has not taken a hand in FPS. The game names remaining in the hands of Vivendi, F.E.A.R.he entrusted Timegate with the additional mission package. After a long time F.E.A.R.’we’re back on track.

Plenty of action

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point continues where the main game ends. We closed the curtain with our famous daughter, who finally threw her hand on the helicopter we boarded. That’s where the Extraction Point comes in, the helicopter goes down, and we survive without fully understanding how it happened (the protagonists always live). After this difficult situation, we dive straight into the big adventure. First F.E.A.R. it was Thriller and the best FPS game of the year (see Quake 4 after me – Quake love). In fact, when Aykut was doing the first production, I was hitting him on the head, knocking him out, and making plans to play. But it was an empty dream, and when I opened my eyes and looked to the side, Aykut’s famous smile, which said “hiss” from the side, along with his meaningful gaze, was etched into my brain. I have such a deep sad memory of the first game.

Extraction Point offers us plenty of enemies. If we take the first one, we have a number of opponents. But the numbers of these competitors cannot be proportional to their artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, but unfortunately, TimeGate Studios has made our enemies look a little retarded. I’m the first F.E.A.R.’there are no competitors who push, sweat, announce the desire to break the keyboard when it comes to the place. Neither his wealth of tactics, nor his actions, remained zero as a result of his actions. Because of the artificial intelligence, the producers tried to make up for it by putting a lot of enemies.

Alma Mater

As we drift deep with the gas fragment of MOONSPELL, we can see what Extraction point is doing. The first game begins quite exciting, but by the end of the same rooms, spaces, sections constantly saying that this event was a little boring. Episode designs in the additional task package are bad, yes, bad. In between, the player has a few attractions and a little wider inside, you know, the image is drawn differently from the first. But I expected a lot better than the additional task package. But there’s something good about it. These slightly larger locations and the number of crowded enemies allow us to enter beautiful action scenes. So we can have exciting conflicts.

As if the graphics were a little duller, and F.E.A.R.as if it was a little more appropriate for the tense atmosphere that he wanted to offer. But what exactly could not pull that off. In general, along with additional task packages, graphics are slightly made up or put in a few additional effects or something like that. However, the extraction point is, don’t do it. It just brings the good graphics that are in front of us in a slightly darker way. It goes well to the part that this production wants to offer. It can even be discussed in certain aspects. However, I expected a few changes, wouldn’t there be at least a few more light effects? So that’s what the producers said.

After all, the sounds we know. So they don’t have a new trick either. Actually, there is, which is that there are three newly added weapons and a couple of new enemies, as well as new sound effects. That’s it, the rest is the same again. I said the same bad, not good. So the first F.E.A.R.I still have that beautiful sound quality that we’re used to. No distortion or rust, but no novelty either!

Final edition

The producers offered us a lot of Alma, and even put a new two weapons and two three pieces of enemy on top of it and said, “play Alma” for the rest. There is no new event in the Extraction Point. In fact, there is a little more regression than a slight one. The other interesting thing is that they’ve made the mysterious story even more complicated. So here you can find yourself questioning, searching for answers to the questions of the first game. Because there are more question marks on the subject.

The real bomb went off with multiplayer. Yes, there are no innovations for Multiplayer. They took the first one, put it right in here. And then here’s the multiplayer. So obviously there should have been a bit more change, there should have been a bit more Multiplayer. So I had to have other experiences than the part in the first game. I already know the one before, so why don’t you promise me something different. But this is also not found.


For six whole episodes, I was frankly bored. F.E.A.R. Extraction point was a production that did not bring any innovation, even when I tried not to spoil the formula; it slightly mixed its chemistry. I wanted more features, innovations, changes. But what I saw was just an ordinary FPS. It’s just a name, the rest is a bit of a lie. I’m not linking that to TimeGate Studios. It’s not a great company that’s been heard a lot, and they’re not experienced in the FPS genre either. It’s like Vivendi, which only holds the name Rights, says, “Take It.”E.A.R.he took it and put it in front of them. They also tried to add a few new parts, so as not to disrupt the mechanism that works and, in fact, in good faith. Actually, they wanted to make a small change, but it didn’t happen. F.E.A.R. If you’ve finished the first game of Extraction point and you have to say, ” F.E.A.R. da f.E.A.R.”if you say, you can play.


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