EyeToy: AntiGrav

EyeToy: AntiGrav

EyeToy: AntiGrav is a hoverboard game by Harmonix, delivered in November 2004 for the PlayStation 2.

It was promoted as the main “genuine” game for EyeToy focused to more prepared gamers. The prior games, for example, Play and Groove were designed towards more youthful players for family or gathering fun. Dissimilar to the previous EyeToy games, the player’s picture isn’t appeared inside the Antigrav game. All things being equal, the player’s development is reflected in the vivified character in the game. The player moves their body to direct the on-screen character through a track. A few impediments require the player to hunker or hop. Up to 4 players are upheld. The game was delivered in the U.S. in November 2004, and in PAL in March 2005.


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