Exit Review


There are some companies that you know that the productions they make or publish are always playable. Although there are accidents in between, the trust of the player in these companies is complete. You always get the games they publish with your eyes closed. Here on exit is published by such a firm; Ubisoft. Although its producer, Taito Corporation, is not too familiar, it is a company that produces games from the 1980s to the present, even on platforms such as x360 and Wii. He must have gained his trust in Ubisoft, which gave us the opportunity to meet a beautiful game like Exit on the PSP platform.

007 James Bond

Exit is a production with a subject but no story. And after you plug in your UMD and watch the first video, that doesn’t change your mind. Because the intro video is not the story, but the 007 James Bond vari scenes.It shows exit’s heroic scenes. After a little recognition of the production, it would not be right to say that there is no need for the story anyway, and in this respect the lack of the story is felt. Mr. To put it a little bit, the best sentence that suits him will be “escape expert” in short. Our character is someone who can create the best solutions to the question of how to get away with dangerous situations and environments.

The construction is basically done in the puzzle-platform style. It’s a style of platform-based games that suits PSP very well and I feel so lacking. I don’t know why, but Jazz Jackrabbit on PSP, Mario v.s-style productions don’t come out much. In this respect, I can say that I enjoyed playing exit and yearned for the platform style. During the first ten episodes, we learn how to turn our character into a real hero, a real escape expert. Our goal is simple; saving the lives of people stranded from burning buildings, earthquake-damaged hospitals, hotels under the ground and Avalanche, and reaching the exit with them.

Savior of your family

I would say that the difficulty levels in construction are very well adjusted. Easy-to-find solutions at first are becoming increasingly difficult as the episode jumps. The places we play can be considered as the cut-off States of the structures that have received their share of the disasters in question. Structures that don’t have walls in the direction you’re looking at, so you can see what’s going on inside and manage the characters. For the best narration that can define the gameplay, we can call it barbie houses. Because there are half of the house cut for the control of the karakerterleri. By sliding the mouse to the edges of the screen with the Analog button, you can also find dangers in other parts and floors of the structure, as well as people who need to be saved. You can also see which floor and position of the building you are on with the mini-map that comes out with the Select button.

Throughout the game, there are four different types of people waiting for their lives to be saved. These are children, adults, the elderly and the wounded. Mr. AdultsThey’re as strong and energetic as Exit, but they can’t jump as far. Although the elderly are also strong (this must be due to adrenaline at the moment of panic), they cannot be as active as adults.

Children can’t jump far, they can’t go down and out of high levels without your help. The biggest liability is the wounded. They can’t walk on their own, they can’t go up and down stairs. In this regard, the greatest loss of time is caused by the injured. Speaking of wasting time… You must complete each level within a certain period of time. If you exceed the time limit, you are automatically considered to have lost the partition. There is also a lack of artificial intelligence in people waiting to be rescued. But it’s like being able to act on your orders. There can be strange situations, such as when you put them in an elevator, they can’t think of pressing the button or performing a jump-in-fire command. This means that you have to be much more meticulous and careful with them.

High playability

There are a total of one hundred levels in the construction, the first ten of which are education. Most of them can be completed at the desired time, while the rest become playable only if the tasks that precede it are completed. During the missions, you will push boxes to get up and out of heights, use stairs, hang ropes and try to go downstairs, try to pass through small and narrow parts, put out a fire, try to open the exits. And you will try to get all this to the exit with you, without leaving any people behind, using a limited number of vehicles (such as a fire extinguisher) given at the beginning of the episode in the right place. Exit will keep you busy for a long time and allow you to spend hours of fun. I can say that it will take about 10 hours to finish the 100 episodes that come in itself. But the producer company doesn’t leave you with that much. A total of 100 more playable episodes under 10 main levels are waiting for you with new episodes that you can download from the internet. It is indisputable that it is a very satisfactory production in terms of playability and game time.

Exit also manages to attract attention with its graphics. Its unique comic-book Environment and character graphics, animation that evokes 007, and the end-of-Episode finales make the tense atmosphere cute. Because it’s obvious that the production focuses on entertaining you more than stretching you. Exit, which creates excitement in the environment with its secret agent consistency music, cannot capture its overall success in sounds. Character voices that repeat themselves can be boring after a while. It doesn’t do you much good that the person you’re trying to save is hungry or wants to go home. Although it has minor shortcomings, it is a fact that you will take care of Exit for long hours. Exit is worth playing with puzzles, unique graphics and animations that run your head without too much fatigue. Players, especially those who love puzzles and platforms, will feel like they have found themselves in Paradise


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