Evolution Skateboarding

Evolution Skateboarding

Evolution Skateboarding is a games computer game delivered by Konami for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 of every 2002.

It incorporates a few well known skateboarders like Rick McCrank, Arto Saari, Kerry Getz, and Danny Way. There is additionally a make a-skater highlight and an unlockable character for each skater the player finishes the game as. There are additionally sets of level explicit tunes, for example, a metal-remix of the Metal Gear Solid topic and a Castlevania subject subsequent to opening the Vampire Hunter. Levels are opened by beating a specific measure of targets in a current level, for example, gathering things like boots and different articles, performing stunts in specific spaces of a level, and granulating a specific measure of meters. The Evolution Skateboarding motor was utilized in the reward skateboarding mode remembered for the PlayStation 2 rendition of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in 2003.


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