Evergrace (エヴァーグレイス, Evāgureisu) is a 2000 Japanese activity pretending game (RPG/JRPG) created by FromSoftware for the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) and distributed by Agetec in North America (Ubisoft and Crave Entertainment in PAL domains).

The game was a dispatch title for the PS2 in North America.

IGN gave some commendation to the game for its advancements at that point, including its full utilization of the DualShock 2 regulator’s catches and the exceptional “paper doll” framework in which the player’s symbol entirely wears the reinforcement and attire appointed to it. But the IGN audit said most parts of the game were reasonably “regular” without being shockingly terrible. GameSpot condemned the game for its dated visuals and laggy interactivity during fights. The GameSpot audit said that the fascinating highlights don’t dominate the way that the “center ongoing interaction is abnormal and uninteresting”.


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