Euro Truck Simulator Review

Euro Truck Simulator

In any case, there is very little left in the game world that has not been simulated. We had a chance to play different types of concepts, from train to ship, from plane to human. I passed Sims, a human simulation, and we had the chance to taste the dream of driving a train or plane, which is destined for very few people in life, in simulation games. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise. Some complained that the train was a vehicle that could not leave the tracks, others complained about the slowness of the freighter. But truck simulations, which offer some more playability due to their action, have not been showered with much criticism by players. Many years ago, our love of trucking, which started with Hard Truck, re-emerged with new productions, not counting on the spot. Here he took his place in the driver’s seat as one of these new productions in the Euro Truck Simulator (ETS).

Hit it if you’re in Love, hit it if you’re a driver!

We can briefly define Euro Truck Simulator as a truck or rather a truck transport. Those who have played a truck simulation before will also start familiar with this structure. We can even say that it is possible to see that even the functions of most buttons are the same. The first difference we see as obvious in the ETS is in the borders of the country. As the name of the production suggests, this time the European continent was preferred instead of the American continent. And it was pretty good, and we were tired of covering the states of America in all the truck Games. When we enter the game, a map of Europe is drawn and we are asked to choose a country or region. Our selections include Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. As can be seen, unfortunately, there is no turkey among the countries. However, it is nice that the number of playable zones is large. Also, within each region, there are cities and roads waiting hundreds of kilometers to be traveled. After choosing our region, it’s time to buy a truck with a budget of 100,000 euros. We buy the one with the best price/performance ratio by doing some research in the place where we can count the truck showroom and go on the road.

Thinking that not everyone who goes on the road will be a truck driver, we are heading for our first mission along with an in-game training mode that includes basic things such as which Button works by the company, how to buy and transport goods, how to use the map. Cities have main warehouses owned by different companies, and we are obliged to transport goods from one warehouse to another in one city. When we go to these warehouses, we get the goods of different categories and types as a list, the places they will reach, and the work’s fee information. We choose what lies in our heads and press the confirmation button. I said what lies here in our heads; because among the products, there are also dangerous substances such as more sensitive or flammable in the structure that will break. It is more risky to carry them, and if it is not too severe, it is deducted from the amount that will be paid to you by taking damage as a result of an accident. The second point to note is the length of the road. Just as you may not like to go too long, going too far with limited money can result in bankruptcy. And you don’t know what’s going to happen to you on the way. Even if nothing happens to you, we have to buy gas. And we don’t have any other income until we deliver the product. For this reason, at first it will be appropriate to move goods not too far away and more risk-free. When we decide where and what to move, the system automatically displays a trailer in the yard of the warehouse. Moving from the top to the viewpoint, we approach the trailer in a better way and press the T key to lock. Now we can leave.

Don’t overtake him without seeing him, don’t send bitter news home…

The first part we look at when we hit the road is the map. It’s worth finding our destination on the map and taking a look at what roads we’re going to use. Accordingly, as we continue on our way, it is worth making sure that we will deviate from the map, even though there are signs at the bridges and intersections that we encounter from time to time.

Also, when we take a wrong turn, it is not clear where we can turn from, and it is worth being a little more careful not to encounter situations such as extra gasoline consumption. Of course, there are alternatives, such as making a U-turn by breaking the rules, going in the opposite direction. But consequences such as a car hitting a trailer or going into rough terrain and overturning a trailer can give you all your hard work. If a car hits a trailer or crashes, you will see some stuffing in the bar above. The more full that bar is, the more money you’ve lost. It’s not just the damage bar at the top of the screen. Lack of sleep, tow damage, trailer damage, money and date-time information can be seen from the corner of the screen. Yes, it’s not just the trailer, but the performance drops when the tow truck is damaged, it goes slow or doesn’t go at all. When we encounter an incident like this, we enter the nearest gas station and have the tow truck repaired.

As long as you’re on the road, you’re wasting gas. So check your status by looking at the gasoline indicator from time to time Dec. In time, you’ll start to figure out how far you can go with how much gas. Everything from the fact that we’re playing a simulation game to the fact that he stops the engine when he enters the gas station, works like in real life. Another realism is sleep. Of course, we can’t shake the steering wheel forever, so we can see how much sleep we have from the sleep bar upstairs. When we are very sleepy, you can stop and take a nap in a convenient place, or stop the engine in parking spaces reserved for this job. Resisting sleep is not a recommended method, as the screen will darken and result in crashing around.

Speaking of sleep and time, let’s also note that the goods have a delivery time. For goods that are not delivered before the specified period, we charge less than specified, taking penalties, just as they receive damage. That’s how we move goods from one city to another and make money. And with the money we earn, we can buy new trucks. When we look at the artificial intelligence of the game, we see that vehicles in traffic behave more realistically than in other truck Games. They don’t stop on the brakes thinking you’re coming at them with a little movement. But we can still say that they are not very smart. Since it is played as a day and night transformation, it is not forgotten in actions such as using headlights, using wipers according to weather conditions.

Although the production is touted as a simulation, of course it has minor shortcomings. For example, in other truck games, when I had very little gas left, I would drive by turning off the engine when I was going downhill, taking it into another empty gear, known as Prophet gear. But despite the fact that we have wasted gear in the ETS, the truck stops braking after the engine turns off. Something that shouldn’t happen for a simulation. When we look visually, we see that the appearance of trucks and trailers, in particular, is quite well modeled. They also have an above-average quality on the roads. But it is impossible to say the same for environmental elements and City modeling. Cities can be designed a little more realistic and vibrant. Apart from that, the driver’s neighborhood designs are pretty good. It was also appropriate to change lanes by seeing vehicles coming from mirrors. ETS also remains above average in terms of sounds and music. Especially the engine sounds made realistic. Although they are not very high quality in music, they are listened to. In terms of controls, even with the keyboard, the fact that it can be played without much difficulty earns plus points. But I would say that playing with a steering wheel gives a lot more pleasure.

Master of the roads

Euro Truck Simulator generally has a structure that can stall you for a while, but then squeeze you like most simulations. Constantly going down the road and repeating the same things will only take you somewhere. It’s a game that bad. On the contrary, I had a lot of fun playing. But because the playability remained limited, it was more of a production that could be played to decipher and enjoy occasionally. If we could write articles on the back of a truck and hang a CD in the rear-view mirror, it would be complete.

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