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After good training, we enter through the door of the hospital to officially assume our mission. The old doctors there are running their pointed gaze over us because we’re new. Some are bristling at our presence there, and others are thinking about what they will do to show intimacy and take away the alienation we feel at that moment. The tension is knee-high, it’s always a new environment, and our first experience as a doctor begins. Not only that, but the lives of all the patients who step in there will now be in our hands. Our goal is to get them all healthy and thus further in our business, as well as to improve ourselves, it is very important. Every patient whose life we cost will come back to us with remorse, failure and dismissal. ER is not only a medical, but also a social simulation

Health comes first

ER (by the way, the long name Emergency Room) also joins the fury of hosting features in popular games. Of course, our main goal is to save the lives of patients, while at the same time gaining experience in various medical branches to jump to the level and thus have even more different characteristics. There’s more to this also. In addition to dealing with the health of patients, we also need to keep ourselves socially and physically fit. We need to contact staff such as other doctors, nurses and security guards who are in the hospital. Our relationships with them can also develop emotionally in the future. In fact, we can also get help with patients from doctors with whom we are in a good relationship. In addition, we also need to deal with our own characteristics, such as hygiene, energy and morale. We’ll get to all of them in more detail soon.

After the opening, our first job is to create a doctor. After determining his name and physical characteristics, the most important part is the ability points that we will first distribute and earn more as we treat patients in the game. At first, we have intelligence, Constitution, Dexterity and Charm. They will come across in the game from a technical point of view rather than concrete. As we increase the level of intelligence, we will get more successful results in our interventions with patients. Dexterity and Constituion are two traits that balance energy and our dialogues with people. Charm, on the other hand, is an element that allows us to attract people’s attention more comfortably in social relationships. And the skill points that we will earn and distribute in the game are related to medical characteristics. We’re going to improve on subjects like neurology, cardiology, surgery, petriatry and distribute talent points. So we’ll try to become experts in everything.

After we have done this part, we can start the game directly if we want, whether we play tutorial. My advice is to play tutorial here, as always. In this way, you can learn significantly about the most critical points and gameplay. As we move into the game, it’s not hard for us to understand that the camera angle is similar to The Sims series. Graphics are 3-dimensional, but they are not considered very detailed. We can rotate the camera the way we want by bringing the mouse to the corners of the screen, and zoom in or out with scroll. It’s enough to click where we want our character to go, but I’d say you can have problems as you play about it. Sometimes, the objects, parts, or people we click on may not be detected, and we may have to click again and again. Because such situations happen so often, it can become frustrating. We have a mini-map at the bottom of the screen. Our hospital is originally 2 floors, we can choose from this mini-map to allow our man to go to the room we want. There’s a beds part of the Mini-map. And this shows the beds in the hospital and the patients who are lying here. You can be sure that you will often refer to this part and that you should also use it in practice.

Your doctor is at your disposal

In addition to mission-based gameplay, there are times when we have to hang out on our own to improve ourselves more. The tasks assigned to us are usually because a special patient comes in and we treat him over a certain period of time. From time to time, we are also given tasks to go to various parts of the hospital. All tasks are assigned to be accomplished within a certain time frame.

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Let’s talk about treating patients. Patients who have just arrived at the hospital and have not yet started their treatment come to the Waiting room at first. Of course, because life in the hospital continues in real time, other doctors also do not stand idle, and they also come here to start the process of treating patients. There are gray lines around patients who have not started treatment. When we approach one of the patients and click on it, the doctor does a short examination, determining what kind of discomfort the patient has and what level of this disease is. Then, from the menu that we open by right-clicking on the patient again, we can make the patient lie on the bed in the corresponding section according to the level. In addition, we can refer patients we want to take care of to other doctors. And patients whose discomfort is not understood, we send them to the lab, where they may need to go through a long research process, depending on the situation.

After we put the patient to bed, this time we start the actual treatment. As with patients and staff, unfortunately, the character animations in the treatment section are pretty bad. Especially, the fact that patients with stomach ailments walk like zombies creates a funny image. When the treatment event begins, an indicator appears at the bottom, gradually decreasing this indicator means that the patient is responding to the treatment, and eventually when this indicator disappears, we improve the patient. Every time we heal a patient and perform a task, the star at the top right becomes increasingly full. This is our experience indicator. Each time this star is filled, we earn a talent point and invest the points we earn in our medical characteristics. As mentioned earlier, pedriatria, Cardiology, etc. with the points we give to our abilities, we are further developing and able to make more effective interventions for patients who are uncomfortable about this.

According to the patient’s discomfort, the clinic we put him in can also notice. We can understand this from the lines formed around our patient after the first examination.

He’s my patient, let him go!

As a rule, we need to invest those who form a green line in the main Exam, those who run into a more orange color, Exam 1 or exam 2, in addition, those who become critical of the red color, in the trauma yesileri. Keeping as many idle beds as possible and trying to treat patients in appropriate clinics will bring us a little closer to success. Some patients may not come to a conclusion after receiving treatment, or we may observe that their condition is getting worse. In this case, we can send the patient to laboratory research, where we can further clarify his condition. In any case, this method is a situation that usually needs to be done and works. Another is that the patient’s condition is getting worse, so we can get help from other doctors who have made friends or given us directives.

If we entrust a patient to another doctor, we shouldn’t take him back later. The same goes for patients we didn’t first examine, but with colored lines around them. If we try to deal with them again, we’ll say, ” Are You sure you want to steal Doctor X’s patient?”we are faced with a message from people like them. In this case, if we state that we are sure, we get a brush with the doctor concerned, and there are also setbacks in our social relations with him. While healing patients is the most important element, it is also extremely important that our relationships with our friends are good. As you can easily understand, the interaction with Sims is actually extremely high.

We can split er into two parts, hospital life and our social life. We usually talked about hospital life, and now it’s time for what’s going on in hospital social life. We can talk to any staff we see. Including doctors, nurses, security guards. We can communicate with people we right-click on. After choosing the conversation option, we come across a part that has many options. These are a menu of conversations and actions that we can perform with the current person. We can usually choose weather to start with. Then, according to the bubbles that come out above the element we are talking about, it is necessary to talk about his interests and people he likes. The other indicator in the middle will also attract your attention. This place also increases in every positive area of interest, and thus the level of friendship gradually increases. Of course, a wrong move or a move outside of interest leads to a slightly lessening of this part.

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A good doctor takes care of himself

Another part that caught my attention is the perk incident. It’s a place that actually gives us bonuses on a variety of issues. After healing the patients who were given to us as a task, if we talk to them, they usually give us an object as a reward. We can carry 4 such objects with us. These are objects that we can use to attract other people’s attention, as well as increase our hygiene, energy or morale. We can exchange these perks with other people, and we can get other perks that are even more useful to us, primarily from doctors. The Perk event is another feature that colors the game.

Besides everything, we have to take maximum care of ourselves. Actually, this part is not so difficult. There are already three physical characteristics of the ball ball. As mentioned earlier, these characteristics are energy, hygiene and morale. The second floor of the hospital consists of sections where we usually need to deal with these features. There’s a cafeteria where we can get our energy to increase a little by eating here. It’s very important for our hygiene to go to the bathroom and take a bath. Also, in-room sinks work a little. Again, in the Doctors’ lounge, located on the second floor, there are beds. By sleeping here when the time comes, we can raise both our energy and morale. But here’s the detail, we need to carefully adjust the time we sleep. The game’s own clock moves a little faster when we sleep, and if there’s a task to be done, its time also speeds up a little faster than normal. In this regard, it is extremely important that we have our eyes on the Times on the one hand. To raise our morale levels, we can work in the gym, talk to lots of people and heal more patients. Treating a lot of patients means more experience and morale. Of course, the demoralization of killing patients is not underestimated.

Private scared me at first. Although the learning process is not overly long, it is necessary not to lose sight of some details. At first, when the tasks were given, I was quite stunned, because where the patients came and the locations of the tasks were not properly specified. Later, I realized that all the patients had come to The Waiting Room. Another possible problem is the later fate of the patients you sent to the lab. Below a picture of a patient who has completed the lab process, located at the top of the screen, “BED?”an article appears. Here, we open the BEDS tab of the mini-map and select a bed from the corresponding section. Because I couldn’t figure it out at first, I kept looking for where the patient was, and I got very angry and came to the point of closing the game. Knowing this detail is really in your best interest and will ensure you don’t break off immediately.

A Happy New Year!

ER seemed to me like a game that opened later. It is a process of solving the first heads and can be boring, but after a while it becomes very enjoyable to take care of patients and build social relationships and develop ourselves. Annoying is the most important problem, the click problem, which can sometimes become annoying. Repeatedly clicking on the patient we want to start treatment with, but allows it to detect. I assume that if the Problem is fixed, the game will become even more enjoyable. As such, I have had fun moments at the beginning, and after writing this article, I also think about continuing for a while.

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