Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight For Life Review

Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight For Life

In fact, such games stand out more than others as games. We all like FPS games, we enjoy chasing and killing people. But I think it’s more fun to save than to kill. Emergency 2 is a game that aims at it as a goal. It’s a game where you save people’s lives by pushing all the possibilities as far as you can afford. Personally, I junked the game. I’ve been more attracted to this kind of different game lately than I’ve always been playing the same kind of Game.

Get an emergency helicopter over here.…

The place we use as a main view is the most authoritative place in the main center. From the screen, we can see the crime scene, the vehicles you can send, the distance of the vehicles we sent to the crime scene, and all such details from the Home screen. There are 25 missions we can do. These are so diverse that as you play, you wonder what the other task is. From someone who gets angry at his wife and says, “I’ll blow it up, don’t bring my wife to me,” to preventing a bank robbery, there are a variety of tasks. There’s every rescue team you can think of. Police, fire, ambulance, even dogs looking for injured people. Not only in the form of a car, but also an ambulance and a helicopter for the police. You quickly get a very seriously injured person to the hospital by helicopter. Right-click on each character and you can see what it can do. You can learn them in more detail from the Tutorial menu in the main menu. As money appears everywhere, it has a huge place in this game. The more successful you do the tasks, the more money you get. With these coins you earn, you can use more ambulances in the next episode. Everything goes with money. From the car you sent to the crime scene to the people in it, you pay them all some money.

– Block the road to traffic – – copy that.…

Graphics made on 2d in the game. Although I liked it very much, but unfortunately the game becomes very heavy on low systems because it is 2d. With the same system, those who easily play Max Payne remain too slow to play some tasks in this game. Graphic engine forced to the end as detail. When you Zoom in, you’ll know better what I’m saying. But when you finish some episodes and switch to another, sometimes the video works decadent, and the game completely migrates, and it doesn’t improve until you exit the game and re-enter. Fortunately, they corrected this error with the first patch. And the sounds and music are not very successful. Although graphics and tasks make you a prisoner, they still don’t look very good next to them. Although music and sound don’t have to be very good in this kind of Game.

Final Words :

Emergency 2 1 e 1 for those who are looking for changes, bored with recently released games, hit and break. The missions are very well thought out. In most missions, the real event is hidden in the details. If you do not transfer traffic to another road in a place where there is an accident, other accidents happen, and your work becomes very difficult. With the money you earn as you do the mission, you can quickly finish all the missions using helicopters. Also impressive are the videos describing the incident before the missions.

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