Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond, referred to in Japan as Nebula: Echo Night (ネビュラ – エコーナイト-, Nebyura Ekō Naito) is a 2004 experience computer game created by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 2 console.

Agetec distributed the game in North America, with the European delivery, by Indie Games, continuing in August 2005. It is the third game in the Echo Night arrangement.

The game recounts a sci-fi apparition story, set not long from now. Players assume the job of a love bird, off for a wedding trip on the Moon. The vessel crashes prior to arriving at its lunar retreat objective, be that as it may, isolating the just-wedded couple and letting the saint be at an unwanted examination base. Players investigate the station from a first-individual point of view, inside a spacesuit. Notwithstanding the numerous profound inconsistencies that frequent the station, odd lunar lights and relative weightlessness add to the air of the game’s surroundings.

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