Drakensang: The Dark Eye Review

Drakensang: The Dark Eye

Drakensang: The Dark Eye, which came out in Germany last year and won the title of Best RPG, was eventually made and released in English. The production is set in the world of the German RPG The Dark Eye, created by Ulrich Kiesow. As we enter the game, the character creation screen appears. There are Dwarf, Elf, Middenrealmian, Tulamide, and Thorwalian races in creating the character. Of course, these races have different classes, such as amazon, warrior, pirate or sorcerer. We create our character, enter the game world, and our adventure begins.

A different universe

Don’t think you’ll be wandering around Drakensang alone, because the game is party-based. Already, shortly after starting construction, another character immediately joins you. We can take different characters into our party. Sometimes there are only those who participate in the mission. With the party’s advantage, we can make up for the missing parts of the main character. The combat system of the production is based on the rules of The Dark Eye, we can freeze the game in fights and determine how and what to attack the target. The right tactics we do, the attacks and weapons we use against the target are important factors. At first, the battles are easy, but as the construction progresses, the battles become harder. So you have to do your tactics well. If you leave the characters alone, the result is not very good.

We have magic, abilities and special abilities. For example, we can focus on the weapons we use in combat capabilities. Thanks to our special abilities, our character develops even more. As an example, a Ranger has special abilities that affect defensive, close combat, and long range. Drakensang has more than 40 spells, more than 30 abilities and around 40 special abilities. In addition, we also have different abilities such as defusing traps, stealing, Bowyer to make arrows, Pick Lock to open locks, Blacksmith, Alchemy. For example, Bowyer and I can make arrows. We can master someone with our character.

The production includes our main task and different side tasks. At first, we go on simple tasks, such as chasing thieves, finding missing people. Just as we have cliché tasks, we can sometimes go on different tasks that are chained together and end differently. We have a lot of conversations with many NPCs in Drakensang. We can link dialogues to other results with different options. Speaking of dialogues, unfortunately, the vocalizations in the game are a little poorly done. Don’t be surprised if you sometimes come across NPCs who talk as if they were recited from paper by heart. The game has clean visuals overall. Graphics and designs above mediocre look good. But some graphical errors also do not disappear.


Drakensang thriving in and around the city of Ferdok is a good game. Although it has some shortcomings, it can still be exciting. The producers also announced their new project, Drakensang: the River of time. If you like Drakensang: The Dark Eye, you’ll have to wait for the new adventure, because it will be published in 2010. Don’t forget your home in Ferdok. Put a little pressure on it and lay it out.



Clean graphics, wide and deep fantastic game world

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