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I like hybrid games. Combine two or more species, and then they come across US. Some will succeed, some won’t goes goes out. For example, Savage was an interesting production on this issue. Both FPS and strategy were mixed. He even presented it to us by playing it Online, the result was successful. He had a lover and a lover, but it was a fact that he was successful. Spellforce is also an example of this genre, combining RPG and strategy. It also supported this with beautiful graphics. Dragonshard looks like the SpellForce I just set an example for. It combines RPG and strategy. It is also a strategy game set within the world of D&D. In general, he always switches to D&D RPG games with hits and breaks or deep games. Let’s see how this strategy works. In fact, how did the mixture of the two species come to a conclusion?

From The Dark Past

Dragonshard is divided into two parts, underground and above ground. It turns into an action-packed RPG game as it descends to the bottom, while the strategy on the top is straining. We’re going underground with our hero and those under his command. Creatures come, we cut, we mow. Go ahead in hack’n Slash style, and my dad is shooting my dad. It’s not just the men at our disposal, our heroes have special powers. A strong shot, a rain of fire, etc… these are the current spells that come to mind, the abilities. We have to use a lot of underground tunnel system. Because some places on the map are accessible through these passages. Here we find items for Heroes, chests of gold, crystals, a lot of things.

Above ground, the situation changes. Because the breaking part of our game is here. This part is the same as Battle for Middle Earth, where you plant buildings and press units in certain places. There’s no way you can build an Archer,an artillery building on the ground that just comes in front of you. If you want, use the same but upgraded units, so that you can go from the uniform unit building. You have not looked at sew separate buildings, different units. You’ll have a range of varieties. Those who play Battle for Middle Earth have no difficulty with this system. Speaking of Upgrade, you can invest your hero’s experience points in your units. In the building of this unit, you give them a certain score and level them up. The more buildings your unit has, the more level it jumps.

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A lot of diversity or a single unit incident doesn’t do much to the face of your enemies ‘ artificial intelligence. In other words, if you attack directly and attack, your enemies will be finished quickly. They don’t do field defense against you like tactics or men. Constantly playing attacks is one-on-one medicine to finish them off. Strategic direction is being undermined here, but one of the reasons for this undermining is that your own units are also smart. Yeah, you’re dealing with stupid enemies, and you’re dealing with smart units. A person says that both are smart, but play like a man. But these discoveries are not enough. Indeed, your units are doing tactics, closing people, getting close brands. We say don’t jinx it and get out of here.

Warcraft 3

After Battle for Middle Earth rings in your ears, we need Warcraft 3 to ring in the same way. The graphics officially remind him, just because we remember doesn’t mean the graphics are bad. I think enough for such a game, Earth 2160 or Ground Control 2 is still considered good, although the graphics are not exceeded. In a cute way, Eberron is brought before your eyes. The sounds are well rendered for such a game. You go to war with beautiful music playing in the background. They’re doing remarkably well in effects.

The game’s menu also brought Warcraft 3 to my mind again. One of the wheels on it is similar to the menu change system in Dragonshard. It’s good for the eye, and I like it. Again, the same system is also included when installing the game. The Install screen received a separate praise from me on this issue. The super cinematic of the beginning turned us briefly into what happened. He hears from him about it, and he greets us at the first opening in a nice way that has been tried and done well.

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As we know single Player scenarios, they are all healthy good. Go get a ring, kill the creature, take over here, etc… the main tasks are in front of us. Every once in a while, my magic stick disappeared, bring it, I’ll give you gold, and it comes out on side missions. You get them from the character you’re talking to, you can interact with certain people. Multiplayer is enough to fight with your friends. You look at your friends, you find someone from the net and you fight.

The world of Eberron enters a period of peace after a great war. But the prophecies indicate that a new enemy is coming. We can play Dragonshard with a short and concise theme that is classic, as we are trying to stop it. Dragonshard is a beautiful production, it gives you time when you play. Although it exhibits some similar features to Warcraft 3 and Battle for Middle Earth, it is a separate game with its own world. My advice to those who love the world of Dungeons & Dragons and say Get variety.


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