Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern Review

Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern

Five or six years ago, Ubi Soft, which introduced a cute third dimension to platform games for the first time, appeared with an adventure game at this time. Ubi Soft.’in the games I know, I play, there would always be a round, plenty of colorful environment. It was as if the characters were created just to be loved. And in Dragon Raiders, the material we have is not made to be loved. The character we play is a warrior, and our Assistant is a dragon. The thing about our character in the game is that he is a dragon rider. Where we live, Warriors with high-level characteristics are chosen as dragon riders, and that’s how everyone knows him until he dies. The game is in the adventure genre and has a gameplay style almost similar to Monkey Island IV. The mouse is never used. I don’t need to use it anyway. Because the keys we use in the game are only three or four.


Space: import key. If there is something that can be taken around (when the icon expressed by the arrows comes out), it allows you to take it.
Enter: after you pick up the material in your bag, it will help you use it where necessary. ( For example, when using a sledgehammer to break stones ]
I: it helps to open your bag. When you’re in your bag, you can navigate with the arrow keys.
Tab: open a map of your area.
Shift: when you’re in the city ( when you’re not in the open air), you have to hold it down to run.
D: it is very useful for you to press anywhere and summon your dragon. It tells you everything about your place at the time and the task you need to do.
J: opens your diary. You have to use your diary to track your missions. If there are blank pages in the diary, you still haven’t completed the last written task before those pages.

the solution of the first section

You have to talk to the given names when describing the solution (!). Otherwise, you can’t take a mission and you can’t move forward.

After waking up, take the note on the table, the brush from the room on the right, and “dragon oil” from the shelf on the wall. Go out the door and use “dragon oil” and brush in the water in front of your dragon. Enter the house again and proceed through the door on the left. Talk to Lockenn in the library. He will ask you for his diary (jurnal) and you will receive “knowledge”. Read all the writing on the shelves on the wall.Try to enter the back room and be rejected. Go outside and talk to V’kai in the left room. Go back and talk to Fin. Go back to the Dragon and talk to K’dan. He will give you a knife and ask you to practice with it. Move your blade to the selected state and make the desired movements (use the direction keys with space pressed ). ” Knife Skill “and” Strength ” will give.

Go downstairs and enter” Middle Levels”. Talk to Gillian on the right. He’ll ask you to find his child. Go to the left and talk to V’hul. He’ll give you a message and tell you it’s necessary for the conference upstairs. Talk to Emmera, who draws a map on the wall. Talk to Lytah, he’ll give you Lockenn’s diary.

Go into the next room and talk to Slan, talk to the duo playing the dice game, and get their dice. Tell them they can get the dice back when they attend the conference. Enter the room in front of them. Talk to f’ben. You will give v’hul’s message. Go into the last room and talk to N’eth. He’ll want some information. Go back to” Upper Levels ” and go to Lockenn. He’ll thank us for finding the diary and give it to us so we can use it. You’ll see those waiting for the conference. Talk to them. Go down to” Middle Levels “and enter” Kitchens”. Talk to Powarth, Tom, and Romo. He’ll ask you for some food. Talk to Urik, you’ll get food and headache medicine. Go back and go down to” Lower Levels.” Talk to” Kevan.” He’ll give us a new dragon rider costume. Go back to” Upper Levels ” and talk to V’kai. Go back to” Lower Levels “and talk to V’kai, go back to” Lower Levels ” and go out the door that opens.
You’re coming to the” Fort Meyr Bowl.”

Try to draw water from the well. You’re not gonna make it because you can’t afford it. Talk to Hal and Perry. Talk to Jax next to the Ox. In the future, talk to Helan, who is playing by the lake. He’ll tell us that the boy we’re looking for is lost in the caves, and that Jax can help us find him. Go around a little more and talk to J’cob. Talk to Miller by the windmill. He’ll ask you for help because he can’t lower the arm. You’ll try, but you won’t be able to. Go back to Jax and talk about the missing boy. He’ll give you a map of the caves. After the conversation is over, Mullen will come to the closed cave door. Go to him and talk about how to open the door. When he says he needs something to tear it down, go to Hal and ask for the sledgehammer in his hand. He’ll give it to you, provided you bring it back. Take it and use it at the cave door. Once inside, use the sledgehammer again on the wall where Mullan is standing in front of him and enter. Take the knife in your hands and prepare to fight the creatures that come before you. Cross the bridge and move forward. Jump over the stones and move forward. When you approach, when you get to the door that closes, break the stones on the floor, push the one who leaves them all, and stop the door. After you go under it, you will find the missing child. Use the sledgehammer in the car in front of you. Then push the car. The Demo will enter and you will return to the palace. Talk to L’tul and Emmera. Now Emmera will ask for your help. Go to”Upper Levels ” and join the conference and finish the first day.

Final Words

As you can see, the main thing in the game is to talk to everyone. In addition, what I can offer is to resort to your diary and Dragon when you are confused. Your key habit is already fully seated after the first battle. Easy already. I don’t write anything for the game’s graphics and system features, because it also worked on a machine with 166 MMX and 24 Mb of RAM, even with slow and bad graphics.
My system works with the PII 350, 128 Mb of Ram and a graphics above the ordinary in Voodoo Banshee and no plug-ins.
So I couldn’t really study the graphics, but it seemed satisfying to me. And the story part is pretty solid, to be honest. I’m sure you’ve read the Pern series (Anne McCaffrey’s series). You’ll remember a lot of the characters as you play them. In short, play, everyone relax.

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