Donald Duck: Goin ‘ Quackers Review

Donald Duck: Goin ' Quackers

Uncle Donald, the bewildered duck who talks peltek peltek, has a dog named Pluto and is drenched in love with Daisy. For many years, it has been used in cartoons, magazines, books, comics, etc. this duck, which we know from publications, now comes across a 3D game…

Let me be clear, I didn’t understand anything about what this guy was saying. When I was little, I used to stick my ear in the speaker of the TV, but it’s futile. Did they hit him on the head a lot when he was little? whatever happened, he didn’t get better. Interestingly, this man is babbling in his mouth when his nephews, who are twenty or thirty years younger than him, are talking. But he still made us watch him. Anyway, before we get too nostalgic, let’s get back to our game.

Don’t think it’s Donald’s first entry into the game world. I remember 5 Donald Duck Games I’ve played before. One of them appeared on the Sega Master System (definitely the best game in the series), one on Game Gear, and the others on Genesis and SNES. In general, the games still drew a mediocre image. Anyway(!) The theme of Goin’ Quackers is as follows, or let me briefly tell you the opening video; Donald and Daisy, who like him are in love with Daisy, spread out on the couch to watch a TV show called Daisy The Duck, whose name I don’t know. Donald can’t turn on the TV by showing a great example of incompetence. After the TV is turned on, Daisy’s program begins to be watched (it was like a recipe yaw :)). An Orange is put in Donald’s mouth and put in the oven (I think I’m hungry:)). Daisy infiltrated Merlock’s cave in this television show and went public with what she was up to in this cave (!) begins shooting to show. Meanwhile, Merlock notices the incident and catches Daisy. Donald, who sees them live, sets out to save Daisy(it was too short, yaw). As you can see, the goal of the game is maybe a goal that has never been a goal in a game for years(look at this sentence, brother).

He starts the game in gyro’s lobaratuar(I think I wrote it wrong). If you ask who Gyro is, they’re Donald’s inventor friends. In this labovatuarda:)) there are 4 beam machines. Each machine takes you to a different section, and in these sections there are four stages, after you finish these stages, there is a chef and one of the nephews(I haven’t figured out what they’re doing there yet). As you can see, it takes place in the same place in the stages inside these sections. For example, all the stages in the first episode take place in the forest, and only the camera angles, obstacles, environment, enemies, location of bears (I will mention in the future) change. Speaking of camera angles, let’s talk about them. The game features two camera angles that change gameplay. One of them is extremely similar to the ones in Crash Bandicoot. So there’s a camera angle after Donald and a little bit from above, and the game goes on a straight path(understand that). The other is a camera angle, like in Tarzan (I just noticed), moving from the right side of Donald and from afar. These are two of the four stages set to front, two on the side.

It’s the same thing you have to do at every stage in the game. Take a slice of the tablet with one at each stage, and also take a teddy bear within ten seconds of taking a book-shaped object (there are three of these bears for each stage), and you need to find a Red Star. When you collect a hundred of the yellow stars, we get a right (Classic platform game). The chefs in the game, including Merlock, are all very easy indeed. Even Melock in particular is a pretty easy chef. Now let’s move on to the technical features of the game… The graphics are similar to crash, as I said, but there is no pixel or distortion at all. Plenty of color 3D is really nice. From far away, you can hear thin, sweet music, and they are considered good. But it immediately stands out that the producers didn’t dwell on it. Sounds pretty good. Especially the sounds Donald makes are great. There’s not much noise from the other outside environment, but it’s fine with the sounds that are. I don’t think the controls have ever been bad in a platform game. We’ve always talked about the good aspects of the game, so let’s make this game a little bad. As soon as you do the same things, you are tired of the game. I mean, it’s always the same goal; go ahead, jump out of the hole, fall on the guy with your ass, take the bear, blah, blah, blah… It brings boredom. I have to say, you have three options to kill enemies in the game. One is by making your fists talk, the second is by jumping in the air and falling on it with your ass, and the other is by drinking mmilkshakes that you find on the road (Donald gets excited when he drinks a MilkShake).

Again, let’s get back to the topic… For example, in Kao the kangaroo, there are very enjoyable mini-games in the game, such as making a jetski… It’s a shortcoming that Donald doesn’t have such things, of course. Also the game is very simple, officially children’s game (already children’s game :))) and very short. Of course, they reduce a lot of points to the game. I guess that’s enough to embarrass the game.

Although the game mostly appeals to small players, there is no reason why adults should not play. Maybe the minors can finish the game with great pleasure, but I don’t think the patience of their elders can last, even though the game is fleeting…

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