Do you buy ‘Logitech G29’ to play simulation?

Logitech G29

Anyone who wants to get into the simulator world with a proper steering wheel has seen the Logitech G29 as an option. So is the Logitech G29 still worth buying? Today, it gives you the experience I gained from the Logitech G29 Steering Wheel set that I have after long-term use.

As the simulator world continues to grow every day, of course, the number of people who meet this world is increasing in the same way. Most people who see great competition and fun moments in a virtual environment, or who want to drive with themselves or their friends outside of competing, absolutely open Google and search for a ‘steering set’.

Many steering set models, especially many of the steering wheels that are ‘affordable’ in price, unfortunately lack the quality of production and promise an experience that will cool you from this world. Against anyone who has done some research, standard options are now being poured for the entry level, which are at the same price level. If it’s one of these options, my preferred steering wheel is the Logitech G29. So what kind of experience does this steering wheel set, released in 2015, offer? What are the pros and cons? I will convey the answer to these questions as clearly and clearly as possible to you through my own experience. Of course, for those who do not want to read for a long time, let’s not go through without offering a general summary:

  • Note: what I convey throughout the article will be the same for the G920, the Xbox-powered model of the steering wheel.

Logitech G29 Steering wheel kit review:

Who should buy the Logitech G29?

  • Those who want to meet the simulator world for the first time and want to make this acquaintance in the most seamless way,
  • PlayStation and PC owners (if you own an Xbox, you should choose the G920. Both steering sets carry the same equipment, the only difference is Console support),
  • Those who want to experience a comfortable and smooth driving experience,
  • Those who want a steering wheel that will last for many years.

Plus aspects:

  • 900 degree rotation angle,
  • Material quality,
  • Enough keys to prevent your hand from going to the keyboard,
  • Steering design that allows you to use both racing vehicles and normal vehicles without awkward adjustment,
  • Software support,
  • Almost every game offers support,
  • Be customizable with third-party parts,
  • Support for next generation console (PS5 on G29, Xbox Series S/X on G920).

Minus aspects:

  • Transmission of feedback through the Gear system,
  • Be the voice of the backlash,
  • Finding dead space in response,
  • Softness of the (personal) brake pedal,
  • Price (General technological product problem).

My own experience:

Why did I decide on Logitech G29?

Anyone looking for a neat entry-level steering set on Google faces two options, especially on price: the Logitech G29/G920 and the Thrustmaster T150 Pro force Feedback. I also encountered these two options and approached users to decide. All the reviews I’ve read have shown me that the biggest difference is in the force feedbacks of the steering wheels, that is, in the feedback they give with vibration when driving the car.

Of course, Thrustmaster T150 Pro was the featured option when I discussed it. But when I brought pictures of the two products together, to be honest, my choice had already been made. The Thrustmaster carried a design and small pedals that were flat, crimpless and all-plastic, while the Logitech G29 featured a steering wheel that was embroidered with leather and looked more ‘held’, larger and stylish pedals and, of course, more keys. I didn’t really care about Force feedback (maybe I should have).

The experience I have gained so far:

In summary, the steering wheel has a structure that will not cause problems if you maintain it for many years. Every move you make on the steering wheel and pedal in the driving part is transferred to the game without delay and with high accuracy. Although I have bad comments about Force feedback, in general, I can say that this steering wheel is a very good choice, especially for the entry level. Now let’s start with the title to tell the title.

Steering itself:

As I begin to convey the experiences of the steering set, I will go straight down to the pedals, starting from the bagel. The leather finish on the steering wheel offers a very satisfying and pleasant grip feeling, and this is my favorite part of the steering wheel. The 19 separate keys in the middle of the steering wheel also ensure that I don’t need a keyboard when I make the correct key assignments in many games from racing simulators to trucks.

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There’s only one problem I can convey on the steering wheel and controller: the Red little bagel we see in the picture, a functional button. But while this key can offer great use in games (example: settings such as ERS and differential in F1 2020), for some reason it really can’t do it. Although every time you turn the bagel, you get the feeling that you have pressed the key, the key works at any time and angle according to its head. This prevents you from setting it the way you want. And on the other keys, I didn’t have any problems with function or feeling.

Logitech G29


Logitech G29’s Atria offer a really nice feel when you fully grasp the steering wheel while racing. The steering rods, which have no disadvantages in terms of material quality, are also made entirely of stainless steel. But the only negative thing I can convey about these rods is that they don’t have any resistance. The rods are too soft for an atrium. When you try to shift gears, you don’t have a concrete experience. This can be solved with simple magnet devices attached to the steering wheel.

Let’s get into that box.:

Inside the Logitech G29, there are two engines that do their job very well for their price. These two motors move the Gear system (Helix) located on the steering wheel, allowing you to feel the events in the game. But what makes the experience a little bad is also born out of this system. The Gear system, by its very nature, cannot offer a smooth response. For example, when you try to turn the steering wheel, especially when turning at high speed, you can feel the gears passing one by one.

In the same way, there is another problem caused by the Gear system. The steering wheel has a ‘dead space’ that spreads evenly to both right and left in the current position, preventing you from feeling the backlash. Because this area does not give you any resistance when you try to turn the steering wheel precisely, even if it is only a few millimeters, it can negatively affect your experience when you suddenly move to a point of resistance.

Another complaint caused by Force feedback is the sound of the device. If the force feedback is opened until the end of the game, when you pass the kerbs while driving on a Normal track, your neighbors may think that you are running a crusher drill in your home. When Force feedback is not angled to the end, using the steering wheel can cause trouble at night.

From what I’m saying, You can detect that the Logitech G29’s force feedback quality is in place. But that’s not exactly the case. Steering offers a good overall experience. You can feel the car spinning, sliding, entering the bend fast and being on uneven ground. However, if you are someone who cares too much about force feedback, you can choose the biggest opponent of the set, the Thrustmaster T150 Pro. Unlike Logitech, Thrustmaster offers a force feedback experience with a more precise and quiet belt system.


logitech g29

The Logitech G29 has a better pedal material than most cars you can buy today for up to £ 50k. The faces and bodies of the pedals are made of stainless steel, just like the atria. The accelerator pedal offers a soft and beautiful experience, while the clutch separates itself from the accelerator with a light and in-place resistance.

But when it comes to the brake pedal, I can’t find the quality of experience that clutch and gas offer in their field. The brake pedal is not exactly like it should be, while the other two pedals are. The Pedal has almost the same softness as the clutch up to a point. After this softness, there is an extreme artificial hardness created by adding a simple plastic part to the spring mechanism. The transition between the two can also affect the experience badly.

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Logitech wanted to offer an increasingly hardened resistance on the brake pedal, as in real cars. But he couldn’t project it. The braking distance up to the hard part is reflected as 70-80% braking in games, the brake in the hard part climbs to 100%. The soft part requires you to use your feet very precisely when you want to brake softly. On the other hand, if I don’t count the softness I felt at first when I wanted to brake hard, thanks to the plastic part, at least you can feel that you are really leaning on the brake. Although the soft part bothered me very much at first, I got used to it as I used it.

Third-party modifications:

One of the great things about the Logitech G29 is that it can be customized in all aspects. Steering wheel GT, F1 etc. if you want to replace it with car bagels, there are models that you can buy from many sellers on the internet, and you can replace the bagel by removing a few screws and re-installing them. In the same way, you can remove the brake pedals from the plastic case in which they are located and place them on ready-made pedal platforms or on a platform that you have created yourself. The unrealistic brake feeling problem I just mentioned can also be solved by changing the brake spring. I plan to do that as soon as possible.

As long as you maintain it, the use is optimal:

You have to write in the corner of your mind that the Logitech G29 requires maintenance. I open the steering wheel every few months, re-lubricate the Gear system with grease, and clean the pedals ‘ circuits with contact spray. In the same way, if you bought a G29 Shifter like me, it is useful to do a general cleaning by opening it. The whole process takes a maximum of 90 minutes. If you don’t care, you can see that the pedals react incorrectly from time to time, and you can clearly see that the steering does not offer a smooth experience.

A reason to choose G29 over Thrustmaster:

One of the biggest aids to enhancing the experience of a steering set is gearboxes. Both the Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T150 Pro do not host the gearbox in the same box. But one of the biggest differences between the two brands and models is born here. Logitech’s G29 Shifter gearbox can be purchased today in the range of 650 – 750 TL. The TH8A gearbox, compatible with the Thrustmaster T150 Pro, is almost as expensive as the steering wheel itself. To have a Thrustmaster gear, you need to take about £ 3,000 more out of your pocket.

For those wondering about the G29 Shifter:

I also chose to buy the G29 Shifter gearbox along with the Logitech G29. The gearbox did not have any problems, except for the reason of lack of maintenance, which I mentioned from time to time. When I see the gears go wrong, I open it up and clean it up and put it back on; everything works. The general feeling of the gearbox is also very good in the G29 shifter’da forcing the only issue I can complain about is the lack of keys in the previous model, the G27’de. Be Logitech, what if you put the same keys in the G29 shifter?

Buy Logitech G29 or G920?

Anyone who wants to get into the simulator world and won’t be affected by the problems I’m talking about (especially despite the force feedback advantage on its competitor) can buy the Logitech G29. But it should be said that abroad’ entry level, price/performance ‘ described as the steering set and competing steering sets, certainly do not deserve these prices (as of the moment I wrote the article, the cheapest without the G29 Shifter is 3,599 TL). But if we set aside the price and look only at the level, the G29 is a pretty good alternative in its class. The fact that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X (G920) support are offered also indicates that these steering wheels have more life.

If you’re curious about the Logitech G29 or think I forgot to mention it, you can specify it in the comments.

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