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divine divinity

Diablo is a game that is presented as an RPG, but does not have many of these features or is for show. Although a lot of work has been done on it, a number of features that have been clipped for some incomprehensible reasons and the inability to meet increased expectations as a result of the long construction phase have been disappointing in some. Divine Divinity is a game that at first glance resembles Diablo. So much so that the game has many common features, from 2D to 3CD. But this analogy can only be said to apply to the first look. As we start the game and move forward, we can say that those who are disappointed in Diablo will not experience this here. Because this game has all the important features of the RPG genre, as well as attracting the player with its new ideas.

The graphics are fine and the character animations are smooth. It supports various graphics APIs, including glide. Although the maximum supported resolution is 1024×768 “config.by making the necessary changes to the” div ” file, you can go up to 1600 x 1200. Depending on your hardware, there are also stylish features such as true reflection, sunrise and sunset, different weather conditions, lightning. Although the system requirements seem low, a good machine is needed to play comfortably.

The Multiplayer option is not included in the game. But the game’s maps are gigantic. If your machine is also good, you experience almost no loading, and you experience a non-stop adventure in the Great World of Rivellon. You also have the opportunity to capture the mood of multi-game by interacting with more than 300 computer-controlled characters. It’s pretty lively around here. There is a living life, from very different animals to plants. You can even interact with some animals, such as cats. In addition, you can carry inanimate objects according to their weight, put them in combination with each other. The characters around you can show different attitudes, depending on your behavior. You can talk to these characters, you can trade, you can fulfill their wishes, you can even fight with them. It’s entirely up to you to be good or bad.

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In the game, there are 3 Character Classes: survivor, warrior and wizard, and a total of 6 character types, including male and female. They all have different starting conditions and appearances. And they all have a special movement. The items they use look exactly like the characters, which is another feature that sets them apart. Character development is typical of gaining experience points. There are a total of 96 skills, 32 for each character class, and they are also collected in 4 subclasses. However, each character is able to develop the talent he wants. Much of your dialogue with other characters is silent. The reason for this is that vocalizations, including many variations, are quite laborious and take up a lot of space.

When maps become too large, automap becomes inevitable. And there are two versions of this. One is the small version that stands in one corner of the screen while you play, and the other is the large version on which you can plan and take notes. And your diary, where you keep past events, is another assistant. When the map is so large, various methods have been included to make it easier to go to places we’ve gone before. The controls are easy and the interface is convenient. Just click once to attack the enemy. You can also assign shortcuts to many things.

Because the game is an RPG, it offers you many possibilities. One of them is the opportunity to travel in a wide variety of areas, such as open spaces, houses, caves. Another is the necessity of solving various tasks and puzzles. These also contain a lot of diversity. In addition, battles are also inevitable, and enemies are smart enough to attack as a group. There are more than 100 varieties and more than 1000 variations of hostile creatures. If fighting isn’t the only way to deal with enemies, it’s the most effective way. And other NPCs can help us. Enemies can also attack villages.

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Although a story line is found, it is not the only straight line. There are a lot of side missions and different ways to handle things. You may think it is necessary to read character dialogues because of the peculiarity of the genre. But for those who are tired of it, they have left them out of necessity as much as possible. Only because some events are resolved by dialogue, and some things are active in this way, it is necessary to follow these dialogues. For this reason, they have prevented such dialogues from coming out immediately.

The only thing that can be said about music: great! This production from Europe is a game that deserves to be among the best of its kind and played this year.

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