Delta Force Xtreme Review

Delta Force Xtreme

I remember NovaLogic very well from last year. The first game I played was Joint Operations, and the second was Delta Force Xtreme. Joint Ops was indeed a success well above expectations at the time of its release and took its place among the games to be played for online action lovers. Joint Ops was a very good multiplayer action that allowed more than 100 players to coexist with the ability to use dozens of tools in very large areas. The lack of a Single Player mode was one of the biggest shortcomings, and so those who wanted to play the game alone had to lick their palms. I don’t remember exactly if the boat was thrown, but Joint Ops had to be a single-person mode in itself. Delta Force Xtreme can be called the combined version of all the beauties of Joint Ops with a single-player game mode.

Raid effect on terrorists

As a matter of fact, when you take the game in your hands for the first time and pay attention to its name, you can’t keep your expectations very high, whether you want to or not. “Delta Force” is a pretty clichéd name, and the Xtreme phrase next to it is too cheap and again inadequate. The fact that the game is a single CD also supports all these ideas. Even the interface in the game is so empty, and the music playing in the background is so dim that you are likely to be under the impression that you will encounter a fictional terrorist Hill game, even below mediocre, until you go out on the playing field and start playing. But when you pass the menu and see your weapon in your hand in FPS mode, all your prejudices suddenly disappear, and then you start enjoying the game.

Delta Force has such an interesting vibe. The game, which can’t give you much with menus and interface, offers you a breathless excitement in its action-containing parts, contrary to your expectations.

There are three main missions in the single-person mode. These are Chad, Peru and Russia missions. Our only goal in all departments is to destroy the terrorists. In contrast, what we’re asked to do is blow up some captured locations or secure convoys. All three sections are divided into small tasks within themselves, and when you successfully complete a task, the next one comes. Before you go to the FPS screen, you encounter the weapon selection window, where you can select the weapon you want. But you are limited to only one weapon, and although this may seem inadequate at first glance, you never have any problems with it in the game. Among the weapons you can get are two different snipers and four machine guns. You choose one of these weapons and you collide with this weapon until you die. And after you die, the same weapon selection screen awaits you again. In addition, you have the right to choose an explosive weapon within the same screen. These include a bazooka, a mine and a large-scale explosive. Grenades and pistol are included as standard in your inventory when you start each section.

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Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

In the single player mode of the game, you are the Bravo soldier of the unit that makes up the Delta Force for a total of five people. Alpha and Charlie are two soldiers, and you’re the only Bravo soldiers. By radio, all these units are in contact with each other, and wherever there is action or when one of the soldiers dies, you are transmitted by Radio. In the upper right corner of the screen, you have a useful compass, and thanks to it, you can see the direction you are going, the positions of enemy troops, and the icons of Health and bullet packages. On the indicator next to it, you can find out how far you have to go. An increase in this number up to 1 km in some episodes indicates that the game is spread over a very wide area. The structure of the map does not repeat after a point, as in Joint Ops. If you remember, when you were playing Joint Ops, when you kept going in one direction, you were faced with a situation like going over the places you left behind again after a while. Delta Force doesn’t have that.; for each episode, we use a different map, and the surface of the earth is different on each side.

Although the size of the map gives the game a great taste, especially in multiplayer, it can reach a boring size after a while when playing one person. Being hit before you reach the next checkpoint can be very expensive, as you skip tasks with checkpoints in the game’s single player mode and can only save when you finish that section. For this reason, repeating the entire section from the beginning or crossing hundreds of meters of road again can overwhelm a person. The producers, on the other hand, were able to eliminate this problem a little by putting motor vehicles on the map. Among the vehicles we can use are motorcycles and jeeps, and they’re very useful.

Delta Force also gives you a very different experience when it comes to targeting. By selecting binoculars and sniper weapons and right-clicking with the mouse to target, you get a zoomed image of the location you are targeting on the right side of the screen. Although at first you can do this a little bit, after a while you see their great help. As a result, the right of the screen is almost completely covered. The plus indicator in the center of the screen retains its place, and you zoom in on the zoom screen on the right, wherever you come with this plus indicator. It’s a good method, and I’d say I like it a lot.

Besides ammunition and vehicles, you have some other technical equipment. Among them, night vision glasses are the most pleasing to the eye. By pressing the “N” key on the keyboard, you can make everything green. It’s really nice that the screen glows when you look at the sun when you’re in this state, and the change in the image works. But when you’re walking around with night vision goggles, you can’t perform the targeting process I just mentioned, and the lack of night parts that you need to use makes night vision a little unnecessary. Besides, you have binoculars. In this way, you can see how far away the place you are looking at with the electronic assembly.

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Desert Storm

The three main parts that make up the game are set in different locations. In Peru, there are trees and greenery, when we go to Chad, we find ourselves in the middle of the desert, and in Russia, we fight against the land along with the freezing cold. The graphics that make up the episodes are extremely successful. As you increase the details, you notice the difference, and the game takes on a deeper air. The modeling of the soldiers is very good. The weapon’s posture is very solid, and when you shoot, you even have a chance to see the bullets go according to their range. The direction of bullets from submachine guns is slightly curved compared to that of sniper rifles, and you can distinguish friendly or enemy troops from their lead colors. Enemies fire red bullets, and yours are green.Yesil.

Explosions and flashes are among the pros of the game. When you shoot down a helicopter or blow up a place, the pieces are thrown around. The effects combine with this to create a good landscape. And when you look at the sun, it’s hard to even see your gun when everything is white. And when you put your head down immediately, everything goes dark for about a second, and then it becomes old. That’s a good detail. But there are some oddities. For example, when you shoot at some trees, you can tear the tree from its place, and the tree you tear off jumps into the air and falls to the ground in defiance of the laws of physics.

The only way to play the game in multiplayer is to connect to Novaworld. As the only drawback of Joint Operations is the lack of single player mode, the lack of LAN support can easily be added to the cons of Delta Force. Because it would be great to play this game over the network. Novaworld also features maps that are not in the game’s single player mode, and dozens of players enjoy this excitement together.

Mission Completed Successfully

Delta Force Xtreme is indeed another of NovaLogic’s successes. The company, which successfully launched Joint operations in the middle of last year, has done the same for Delta Force this time quietly. After you finish the game in single player mode, you can play each episode over and over again, and if it doesn’t cut it, Novaworld can entertain you a lot for a long time. Some minor shortcomings may prevent the game from becoming a big hit; but rest assured, Delta Force Xtreme is perhaps the most robust game on the market with the only CD you can find.

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