Delaware St. John Volume 1 Review

Delaware St

Delaware St., the first game released by a very new company called Bigtime Games, founded in 2004 John’s first episode, The Curse of Midnight Manor, comes across as a production in the style of a horror adventure. It comes out and gets praise from some for containing many game genres in its content, and negative criticism from others for not being able to fully process any of the genres It contains. Come on, let’s try to find a middle ground for this…

One of the best examples that has come to mind in recent years when it is called a game in the style of a horror adventure is, according to many, either Resident Evil or Silent Hill. It’s impossible not to admit that it’s a very good story infrastructure and pretty good handling, but it’s also a big mistake to call this game just adventure. At least we have to accept that there is no adventure like adventure. Alone in the Dark, which can be judged by the same title, is much more at the forefront as an adventure game than Silent Hill; it is also a unique classic. Or 7th Guest, Phantasmagoria. Our last ring is Delaware St. John, on the other hand, has been offered to our liking to be a salve to those who need to be afraid when playing games for quite some time.

I hope you have paid attention to the phrase Volume 1 in the full name of the game. Delaware St. John Volume 1 was released by Bigtime Games as the first part of the total ten-game series. Delaware St. in this game, which is a guest of our systems with first person point&click gameplay structure We’re controlling a man with psychic powers named John. Only the psychic powers we have are not things like throwing things from one place to another or controlling people. Our main character, John, has the trait of being able to contact the souls of dead people who are stubborn and want peace and Justice. From his childhood to this day, he was able to contact the spirits in various ways thanks to this feature, thus relieving their troubles.

Delaware St

Our game consists of two different stories, and in order to activate the second story and play it, you have to finish the first one. The entire game, that is, both episodes take place in the same venues. The “Avengers”, who do not leave our hero alone, enter the sleep of Delaware this time, calling him to a hotel called Midnight Manor, where they want the events that happened to them to be revealed. Delaware, unable to withstand these spirits that constantly bother him, is eventually sent to the hotel in question and goes there with the help of his bookstore friend Kelly, who is interested in paranormal events. Kelly helps him with a small pager, the camera and Recorder he has with him, and allows him to test a lot of material he considers important around him by sending it to Kelly’s computer. In our first episode, we help the souls of five young people who had an accident on the road and had to take refuge here. We have to find out what happened to them and free their souls. In the second episode, we have to help the souls of a wizard and his wife and child who died with swords stuck in the chest while performing in the hotel’s showroom. I have to say that both episodes are quite intense and have a good atmosphere. But I should also point out that it was over in a very, very short time, like half an hour.

After installing the game on your system, you can run the game without any problems such as poor performance, because the system needs that the game wants are too low. In the main menu, you can dive into the game immediately, if you want, you can finish the tutorial task. I don’t think you need to waste time on tutorial, it already adopts the usual controls from every adventure game “Saint Delaware”, which is also described here.

By type, you are playing the game in the form of a slide show, just as the screen progresses from screen to screen. When we move the mouse pointer to the right and left of the screen and click, we can turn in these directions; when we click at the bottom, we can go back, and when we click in the middle, we can go forward. You can understand this with the mouse icon that changes when we move the pointer to these positions. In addition, we can also find cross-directions at some extreme points. Sometimes this has been added to our simple controls to approach a door, sometimes to view an object more closely. If you can interact with an object, you can see it again with a changing mouse icon. At this time, our pointer turns into an eye shape, where you can either read the text; or you can pick up any object from where you are approaching it, and use it with another object in your inventory. As you can see, Delaware St. reveals a fairly simple and customary gameplay John.

At the bottom left of our screen is our inventory, and next to it is our large green Yesil button pause menu. I have to say, the placement of the Pause menu is terrible. Because when you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to turn around, if you can’t adjust the speed of your hand, you can press the pause key or return to the game’s decoy menu. It’s also pretty hard to spot, even though it’s big. Because we’re used to many games that when ESC is pressed, we can go to the menu, and in this case you can perceive this dark green big square button as part of your inventory when you first open the game yesilebiliyorsunuz. The decommissioning menu includes ordinary options such as saving the game and options. To the right of the green button is our radio, camera and voice recorder, where we can yesilize Kelly. Especially you use the radio a lot throughout the game. When you contact Kelly, you have a chance to get some tips from her. It helps, especially when you feel blocked; but you don’t need it much, since the game is already too easy. You’ll only use the camera and voice recorder in one place; I think we’ll need them more in the games ahead.

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