Def Jam: Icon Review

Def Jam: Icon

Hip-Hop and games

In terms of musical genres, Hip-hop is undoubtedly the best released recently. Both foreign and domestic species have attached a certain kemsi to it, and even have a fanatical enough structure to fight with other species. When we look at game music, we see that games where hip-hop style is chosen are usually selected in sports, racing and fighting genres. Need For Speed, NBA Live, FIFA series are examples of these. Although the genre of hip-hop was also selected in American wrestling-themed games, it was not fully integrated. But there’s a game series created for this music; Def Jam series…

Even most of the characters you choose and fight in these fighting games, the music of the Games is entirely from the hip-hop genre, consisting of real-life hip-hop stars. Realistic fights, character modeling, movements and game music were a complete whole, and the game really entertained itself, allowing you to spend hours at the beginning of the game. Here is now the third game in the series, a guest of the new generation of consoles Xbox360.

I wish every guest was like this…

A content description is required before the technical features and evaluation of Def Jam Icon. Especially characters and music. Big Boi, Bun B, E-40, The Game, Ghostface Killah, Jim Jones, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Method Man, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Redman, Sean Paul, Sticky Fingaz, T.I, and Young Jeezy. Actually, these guys aren’t the hip-hop stars you and I expect. For example, A Jay-Z is a 50 Cent doctorDre is among the expected and desired characters in this game. But since the game has naming rights and a situation related to previous games, these characters do not appear in Def Jam Icon. All the characters in the game are not the above, of course. There are a few non-hip-hop stars, but there are managers of companies that have a significant place in the hip-hop market, such as actor Anthony Anderson, music producer Troy Dollar and Def Jam’s music producer Kevin Liles. These characters are only playable in Story Mode. In addition, EA has installed the “character creation” system in almost all its games. But don’t expect a system where you can do amazing things, it seemed quite inadequate to me

Glory + Fame + Money + Team + Girlfriend=?

The most remarkable and beautiful place of the game is the place known as “Story Mode” in other games that pass as Story Mode. Def Jam Icon called this fashion “Build a Label”. All you have to do as a meaning is develop a character with no nameless place throughout the story and do Icon’s trick. You begin the story by defending a music producer named Carver. In exchange for this, Carver gives you a chance to realize your dreams. The rest depends on your fighting ability and your ability to control music. The more you beat people, the higher you rise. As you rise, the people you beat sing their songs under your label, sign their autographs to you. As the characters sign, your income also increases, which you use to open music that is closed in the game.

This does not just mean listening to music, it can be said that opening these music is a kind of investment in the game. Of course, not everything in the game develops on you making money. Characters bring you money (special requests, bills, various expenses, etc.). In addition, you take care of yourself and make various expenses within yourself. Of course, these expenses attract the interest of the opposite sex, and you spend even more money to make your relationship happy. At this point, the game shows that you need to play not only to earn money by fighting, but to earn enough money to live everyone’s life happily. As your money grows, as you start to get rich, things start to get serious, quick, and dirty, as they do everywhere money goes. Rival firm employees who try to steal your artists, cops who work for bribes to get you off the top, those who work their ass off to create a scandal (!) women are second-degree threats that you have to deal with. In fact, you watch, or even play, the life of a top executive at a hip-hop firm like a movie. The game really breaks away from other fighting games with this mode and connects you to the seat.


If you look at the Fighting System, friends who play Fight Night Round 3 will not attract very serious strangers. Because the team that prepared Fnr3 also prepared Def Jam Icon. First, each character has its own strong aspects or fighting style. Some use only their feet, some use only their hands, and some use both. There are 2 most important moves that all characters make, one of which is to hold and throw or hold and take an effective blow to your opponent with takedowns. The second movement is to control the music and follow the rhythm. I’ll talk about the second one in a minute. In short, in terms of movement and power status, the balance of power seems to be achieved between the characters in the game. In addition to hitting with Normal keys, you can perform combinational and different attacks with left trigger and key combinations, as in Fnr3.

Turntable account

I think we’ll move on to the most different part of the game. Control the music, yes music is a weapon for you in the game. I think I need to bring this up a little bit. Before you start a fight, you choose music in two characters. Then, as the fight begins, the music begins to play. Usually, the first song that plays is part of the fighter on the right side. If the music playing is the music you choose for your character, every blow you hit becomes stronger. But here comes the” control of music ” thing. If you don’t keep your opponent on the ground, you make him stand up, he moves to his own music with two small turntables, or he rewinds the song he’s playing, making it explode around him. If he turns the song into his own song, his beats are stronger this time. If he wraps the song at the beginning or end, everything explodes, and you fly in the air. You make turntable movements by holding down the left trigger and rotating the right or left control rods. Remember, in any fighting game, only the music that plays can be your salvation in this game. One benefit of keeping your opponent on the ground is that the background of the fights is intertwined with the fight. For example, the fact that the speaker in the club flies you with the bass waves emitted, the helicopter in the attic throws its tail towards the roof according to the rhythm of the song played at the time, or the explosion of its pumps in the gas station can seriously change the course of the fight.

Also, your opponent has not been caught in any of the situations I mentioned above. Then hold your opponent and throw it over the petrol pump, which has exploded with turntable movements, for example, it will burn. And it’s pretty good that the background matches the rhythm of the music. It’s unrealistic, but at least no character makes a fire.

Technically Def Jam

The game allows you to add your own music in the Xbox360 version (only in “my Soundtracks” mode). But don’t get excited. Because the game can’t fully perceive your songs or give their rhythm to the area you’re playing. Therefore, in this situation could not have much purpose. Although it is a plus in terms of including user requests in the game, you will find that it is not prepared very carefully when you start using it. In fact, they announced that they would not be putting this feature on the PlayStation 3 version of the game. It’s really pointless to keep a system that doesn’t work properly in the game.

His game’s fighting system, the music control system, is very lean if kept out. The old Def Jams were much richer in that respect. If anyone wants to play a fighting game in full consistency, let them continue to play Dead or Alive 4. Because Def Jam Icon won’t give them what they want. While the game remains weak in terms of movement, it can sometimes be annoying to be slow. OK, it adds realism, it’s true, but when all you can do in the game is fight, you can sometimes ask for series and speed. Artificial intelligence in the game also remains a bit of a class. Artificial intelligence can’t respond to some of your movements, and sometimes its movements repeat themselves. So a word of advice from me; bring your friends home and measure their reaction by saying one by one, “look, there is such a game.” Whoever gets up and says, “Oh, what a good game,” take that friend, tie him to the seat and play with him. Use the principle” human intelligence may not always be superior to artificial intelligence, but it’s sure to be much more fun ” or simpler; connect to Xbox Live without anyone getting hurt.

According to the graphics of the game, it really suits the next generation. The rappers modeled quite realistically. Soft animations during fights make the game quite realistic. In addition, changing these animations from character to character was a good detail. From a graphical point of view, the most laudable place of the game is the state of the areas where the fights are held. Quite beautifully designed, intertwined combat backgrounds can be shown among the best combat areas ever made. I would say that the effect of music everywhere and the sound effects other than music are pretty good.

Before becoming an icon

Finally, the game is among the best games of Xbox360. Even if the game’s fighting system was made by the guys who made Fnr3, there could have been more varied moves. But the music and the color that the music adds to your fight will make you happy. But remember that Def Jam Icon can never be a dead or Alive Virtua Fighter or a Tekken. It’s a game worth trying, though, with the story mode that makes itself different. It’s a game that hip-hop lovers shouldn’t miss, especially in terms of the music list. Good games for all of you.

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